My baby girl turns EIGHT!

In case you hadn’t notice , my three kid’s birthday are close by. And September 9th, was my daughter – Mia who just turns eight years old. Wrote her a card with lots advice and hopes and dreams for her.. when asked, “do you understand what mommy wrote in there” ” Yes Mommy !” and she smiled. Later on, as I was cleaning up the kitchen and washing dishes, she came from my back and hugged me real tight “I loveeee you Mommy” That the best feeling ever. I feel so blessed and thankful for a wonderful daughter.

Love you Mia Aisha.. LillahiTaala



Mia with her current fave – rainbow looms! hee


Someone turns the big 5!



My dear Mike(al) … my eldest boy! You’ve grown up so fast over the years and truly Mommy sometimes couldn’t catchup with your non-stop questions of this that. Look tough but all softy inside… hehe Well, please know I only want the very best for you my son in this dunia and Hereafter Amin.




Mike and Mia, love hate relationship but BFF at heart!



Happy birthday my little man!


I barely blog about my youngest son. And couple days ago he turn two years old!

Time sure flies super fast these days..specially when you have two elder kids to look after and being a working mom.

My wish for you my dear son – Mukhriz, to grow up to be a great muslim, respect your elder, always always be thankful, bless with good health and wealth that is good in this dunia and Hereafter.


Abang Mike and Kakak Mia also love you to the moon & back! Excuse your abang’s expression he just fell down couple minutes ago before mommy snap this photos LOL..



Fabric Market : Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong


Four days ago I was in Hong Kong for a family holiday. The highlight of the trip for me has got to be my shopping trip to Sham Shui Po (SSP), Hong Kong largest fabrics & DIY supplies. If I may quote from Hey Kumo blog Indeed, the Fabric Street in Hong Kong is something to behold. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of textile shops in the area, with their samples hung out for your picking.”  Every crafter dream to be to in this side of  ‘paradise‘.

I went to SSP with a dear friend sans our husbands, just us with our babies  in our boba babycarrier – (I swear this carrier is very comfortable for a long walkabout!)  Since it was our last day in HK and we had to check-out by 12pm, so husbands stayed back to do some packing while us ladies head to fabric shopping. No way I’m gonna miss going to this much talk about fabric market while I’m in Hong Kong.


I am so blessed Mukhriz is an easy baby. He slept the moment I step into MTR and all the while during mommy-going-oooo-aaa-over-fabrics , he slept soundly. Alhamdulillah.

Alrighty – brace yourself diyer & fabrics lovers as I will present to you one of largest fabric town I have been to- Sham Shui Po.


Our Regal Kowloon Hotel (where we stayed for three nights) situated nearby Tsim Sha Shui MTR and it took us about 3 minutes walk. We took the Tsuen Wan Line and head to Sham Shui Po MTR ( very important to get to the right exit – take exit A2) .

By 9 am we arrived SSP. *A tip I read in blogsphere it is better to go on a weekday because on Saturday & Sunday most shops are closed. I’m glad we decided to go on a Monday morning. Traffic was good and weather was kind too 🙂 . Since we were early, we roamed around Yu Chaun Street where we saw ribbons, trims & beads shops. Choices choices choices!



Before we began to overspent on tons of beautiful ribbons & trims we quickly walk away (of course with our loots!)  from the shop (heavy heartily)  to locate Ki Lung Street and we found it! It was just a row behind the first lane from where we got off from the MTR exit.

Sellers are getting ready to take out their stacks of fabrics. It’s nice to be there early.


Weee…blardly excited ! Tee Hee


Words could not described how stoked I was to finally arrived and experienced the awesomeness of the SSP fabrics town. My hands kept touching every fabrics I saw to get the feel – there’s jersey knits, cottons, lace, polyester, silk every types of fabrics one could imagine.

Samples of fabrics are displayed for customers to choose. However, most of it are sold as wholesale. I took couple of samples, didn’t asked further as I know I will have to wait a day or two before getting them so I head to available ones on Ki Lung Street.

I have a thing with scissors. I love to collect them whenever I travel abroad. This uncle was seating in this cute corner shop selling nothing but scissors. He didn’t talk much but understood what I was looking for. I picked a size 10 scissors and he helped out to sharpen it and let me test to snip on scraps. He sure is an expert.

Three hours passed by very quickly when we’re having too much fun picking our materials to your heart contents. I did get discounts from this one auntie (didnt get to snap her photo) since we bought A LOT from her. She has the nicest collections too I must say. *All shops sells in yards , some put up a minimum of 5yards , some at 3 yards and certain doesn’t mind at all. Try to negotiate and ask nicely 🙂

I wish we brought our roller luggage but what to do, it was our last day in HK and hubster need to use it to pack our stuff. My shoulders were overload with yards & yards of fabby furthermore with a sleeping baby it was quite unbearable to be standing and walking . No doubt both of us were exhausted but we were happy with our purchases.


Price wise I would say very afforable even compared to Ringgits. Definitely a must go for every crafter & sewist …you won’t regret it.

Many thanks to HeyKumo blog, Katharine Yeung and TravellersYarn for their informative stories about sham shui po fabric market. Other related blogs you can read here, here , here, here and here.

And finally , here are stuff I bought – yards of cottons, oil cloth, knits, sequins, beads, ribbons and leather . Not in pictures are some ribbons, rick racks and lace. All worth the walk & sweat to SSP!



I have been to Chinatown Bangkok (blogged here) but nothing beats Sham Shui Po market. Definitely coming back for sure! Who’s with me? 😉

“People who love to eat are Always the best people”


Weekends inspired me to try out new stuff – like baking! So couple weeks back I managed to bake shepherd pie. It turns out great & yummy if i may say so myself .And for that it was all finish within minutes.


On that day itself, I challenge myself to bake a cake ( too ambitious I say!). A Victoria Sponge cake. A recipe I have been admiring in my frame by frame – baking book. Furthermore the cake itself as the cover book. Of course  meant something – easy? delish? strawberries…yumms!


But luck was not my side. It did not turns out as good as my pie. And I know exactly WHY it went wrong. 1) I accidently over butter-ed it and (2) I was in a rush …we were actually heading out to attend a friend’s dinner, so initially I thought I could still ‘squeeze’ sometime to quickly do this, but in actual fact when u rush things, it will go wrong 😦

However, the taste of the cake was quite alright. Brought it to the office the next day, got a friend tasted it and her comment “pretty good!”. Hokay so I thought why not give it oneeeeee more time. And I did! The following weekend.

Ta-daaaa! Not only it looks inviting (hehe) but tasted heavenly too ( IMHO) 🙂 .

20130208-105147.jpgAnother long weekends is around the corner, lets see IF I’m up for another baking adventure. Until then, have a fabulous weekends, enjoy your precious time with your love ones (as I surely do) and Happy Chinese New Year.


celebrating birthday for my love


Last week I surprised my husband with a belated birthday cake. Yes it was a belated! My initial plan was to throw him an awesome party however that didn’t materialize because I was extra busy with mommyhood duties.

Anyhow, we celebrated with our kids at home, just us family. I guess this ‘party of five’ is so much meaningful, right dear? 🙂


Again, happy birthday my love.

Mia’s concert day

It was sometime in July she’s been telling us her concert is going to be awesome.”Mommy, I’m going to dance to this song…look mommy, this is how …”  Songs to practice, dance move  to memorize, I was pretty amaze alright. Not just one show, but quite a number of dance she’s in it.  She is aware this would be her last concert as a kindergarten kid. Uhuh, next year a brand new school to go – the big school as we both label it for her.

A week before the concert day, I found out she will be giving out her graduation speech  – in mandarin! In all honesty, I was thrill but also nervous for her  because 1) i do not know mandarin (eventho her teacher gave the script, but the intonation is very important and sorry mommy don’t know much)  2) it was such a short time for her to memorize + mia kept  mixed up few lines  and gets frustrated easily when we urge her to practice, practice, practice.

Anyhoo, the day finally came- it was on 21st October, on a Sunday morning. Like always, she’s pretty easy to be woken up in the morning.

All ready to perform!

Mia and friends performing their taekwondo skills.

Together with Nathania, singing their graduation song.

And here’s the BEST part, she nailed it with her mandarin speech.If I may say, she did it flawlessly and received thunderous applause 🙂 . If you look closely, behind is the screen of the translation. Ok I confess it really got me tear up! Happy was beyond what I felt that day. So proud of her, giving speech oh so bravely in front of the audience (unlike mommy). [had a tough time trying to upload her speech video, might need to resize it, will update this back soon]

Mia with her class teacher Tania & Principal Ms.Indra. Of course baby brother got to be in the picture as well.

with her Mandarin teacher, Ms.Vivian, loving and dedicated teacher. She’s a gem!

Love you to the moon and back!

More pictures in the flickr set here