Losing my cool

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Yep, my life is pretty much like what’s been pin up here! As a mom, whether working or at home full time, you may occasionally feel like you are living close to the edge of insanity. And I am NO exception.

It happened to me couple days ago. I felt overworked, overtired, overcommitted and just plain overwhelmed.I thought I was doing so well handling my baby and my daughter, but little did I realize the never ending house chores has taken a toll on me , got a little irritated w silly silly things, and then one thing leads to another, and mommy lose her cool.

I was practically more mad at myself, than to my kids and my husband. I was frustrated for not asking extra hand when needed, when I shoulda have. I’m angry and frustrated for not giving myself a break and just let some things wait.Bcoz some things can wait (the washing,the cleaning) all that can wait. Its not like I didn’t know how to ask for help, I thought I can manage this.I can I can I can, but I don’t. 😦

I should have known it’s coming, but I was in denial and when it did, it was terrible. I had a meltdown. But thanks heaven for a getaway for just couple of hours by myself sans kids and husband, I came back with a fresh mind and slightly happier. It was indeed a well-earned break.

No matter how much I love being with my family, a time -out just to be on my own is a must! I gotta love myself too. I hate feeling like the worst mommy or wife in the world coz that would only makes me act like one. So lesson learned, am giving myself a break from time to time. (i would like to believe the imbalance hormone too contribute to this PMS-ing too!)

Life may not be the same when you have one or two kids, but what I can see here is how we handle and cope with it, now that  is something I am still learning.


On brighter side, all four of us went to catch MJ’s  “This Is It”! Mike was sucha good good boy throught out the movie, which makes us plan for the next cinema trip! Mia on the other hand was so engross with it, she hardly bug us with her endless Whys. Until at the end of it she finally asked us “mana lagu Heal the world Mia?”. Coz that’s her fav!

The 19th

It started over coffee, we started out as friends
It’s funny how from simple things, the best things begin

19 is a very special date for me. Not only being the date I was born but, its the date I got married to the love of my life. It feels surreal we’ve reach three years of married life together. Thank you love.

“bukan senang nak dpt teman idup yang
sanggup terima buruk baiknye ,
sanggup berkorban untuk kita,
sanggup hidup bersama ….

The above picture was taken way way back during our courting years. But of all the outing we had, that particular night was extra extra special. It was the night I got proposed 🙂 .

This is it
I finally found someone
Someone to share my life
I finally found the one to be with every night

And honey,you still knocks me off my feet. Happy aniversary dear.

Good Day

Mia with her Oma  (mommy dearest)

Now, this would be a belated entry.

Couple of weeks ago, my lovely cousin, Hani got engaged to a very handsome Iranian boy, Emil. However, they are now back in London, back to his work, and back to her studies. It was really great to finally met her, all grown up. Last time we met, she was this sweet 15 y/old girl, and now,looking more prettier at 21.The wedding will be held summer next year at Kent,London, if time and money permits, well we might get to see her beautiful wedding. I was told it will be by the beach. Wonderful! Continue reading

I pronouce You,Husband & Wife

Coming this November, would be our second year marriage celebrations (and lookin at Mia who just turn 1,i know,i got pregnant pretty fast!heh). Married with a kid in tow, sometimes we tend to be more of a mommy and daddy, rather than as a Husband and a Wife. Day in, day out, everything we do, we do it for our girl, Mia. From feeding her meal/milk, changing and bathing her, entertainin her mischief and antics, basically from am to pm.

Parenthood is a full time job, no denying in that, however, marriage relationship too are as crucial as it is aswell.No amount of excuses, should we disregard the important of becoming a good husband/wife.I think it is true that sometimes, in our enthusiasm in becoming a good parents, we tend to forget how important of becoming a great spouse too. In addition to that, part of becoming a good parent also meant,for us to be nice to our spouse and to treat him/her with as much love and respect as possible. This is also a reminder to myself (and the husband) of course.

Now, this post came out due to a very informative articles I found at parentingchildren blog on “How to Have a Happy Marriage when you’re a Busy Parents” . Go ahead, read on. It has very motivating ways in spicing up our relationships. Married or not, this article totally bring out the best of it.

I can’t help it, but to agree with one of the point,on how to atleast try to ignore the ‘little annoying things’ sometimes our spouses did (dirty socks on the floor,left over food/glass on the table). Instead try to look for the good,overlook the bad. Among other tips are, compliments your spouse! Yes!Compliments are powerful, u just need the Effort to say them! (couldnt agree more!).

Well, let me knw what you think of the article yah!

p/s: oh dedi,Thank you for being the greatest Dad to Mia, and waking me up for Sahur….but,please dun mess up the dining table! tqvm. (compliment & overlook the badside,ok waaaat 😉 )

Happy kids,Happy Marriage?

I had a brief chat with a friend today.Glad to hear,she’s back to her happy self.Earlier this year,she had undergone a divorce.Her marriage ended barely a year.But now,she’s happy,she found someone who she claimed to me,to be The One. ‘Luckily’,from her previous marriage,they didn’t have a child together,so this makes the divorce pretty much ‘easy’ to go through with (easy = no struggling with child custody).

Anyhow,what questions me a few hours ago was a statement from her. “This time,i cant wait to have babies,I wanna be just like you,have baby!And look,how happy you guys are!!” . Well,you see..of course I thanked her for the compliment,but somehow,I don’t quite agree with her in that sense. For me,you can’t judge a happy marriage for having a kid or two.

Marriage nowdays, has become more about mutual happiness and personal satisfaction.To stay happy in a marriage,having children does not neccessarily required.Although,I agree,children can be a source of personal fulfillments for parents,however it is not seen as the key to a successful marriage.So,you asked,what are the factors cited as more important to a successful marriage than children?

Faithfulness, happy sexual relationship, sharing household chores, adequate income, good housing, shared religious beliefs, emotional intimancy,shared tastes and interests. –Source:Pew Research Center

On another note,children and mariage, they tend to amplify what’s already there, making a good marriage much better and sometimes making bad marriages worse -though not always. So,it is how you deal with them together after you have them that can make or break a marriage.Marriage and Parenthood are a whole lot different issues.

Anyhow,I hope she is bless and happy in venturing her new relationship.May she marry this guy for the right reason.

..of some Married Men

This ruhayat guy forwarded an excellent stuff to dina zaman’s online journal,..some might agree,some might not.I personally find it,well written.

Because like I said, what I’ve found is that usually the woman doesn’t plan to be in an affair. She just falls into it, guided by the traps that the married man has set for her.

And, let me stress this also: these men are very, very good at what they do.”-excerpt frm ruhayat’s

aaa..just go ahead and read the rest of it–> HERE la yah!