“People who love to eat are Always the best people”


Weekends inspired me to try out new stuff – like baking! So couple weeks back I managed to bake shepherd pie. It turns out great & yummy if i may say so myself .And for that it was all finish within minutes.


On that day itself, I challenge myself to bake a cake ( too ambitious I say!). A Victoria Sponge cake. A recipe I have been admiring in my frame by frame – baking book. Furthermore the cake itself as the cover book. Of course  meant something – easy? delish? strawberries…yumms!


But luck was not my side. It did not turns out as good as my pie. And I know exactly WHY it went wrong. 1) I accidently over butter-ed it and (2) I was in a rush …we were actually heading out to attend a friend’s dinner, so initially I thought I could still ‘squeeze’ sometime to quickly do this, but in actual fact when u rush things, it will go wrong 😦

However, the taste of the cake was quite alright. Brought it to the office the next day, got a friend tasted it and her comment “pretty good!”. Hokay so I thought why not give it oneeeeee more time. And I did! The following weekend.

Ta-daaaa! Not only it looks inviting (hehe) but tasted heavenly too ( IMHO) 🙂 .

20130208-105147.jpgAnother long weekends is around the corner, lets see IF I’m up for another baking adventure. Until then, have a fabulous weekends, enjoy your precious time with your love ones (as I surely do) and Happy Chinese New Year.



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