Happy birthday my little man!


I barely blog about my youngest son. And couple days ago he turn two years old!

Time sure flies super fast these days..specially when you have two elder kids to look after and being a working mom.

My wish for you my dear son – Mukhriz, to grow up to be a great muslim, respect your elder, always always be thankful, bless with good health and wealth that is good in this dunia and Hereafter.


Abang Mike and Kakak Mia also love you to the moon & back! Excuse your abang’s expression he just fell down couple minutes ago before mommy snap this photos LOL..



Road to recovery

March welcome us with not so good health for our entire households. For close to two weeks all of us came down with flu,cough and fever. It all started from my youngest son mukhriz then mike and me, and last was my husband. Mia was very lucky as she just had a runny nose and slight cough.

All is good now Alhamdulillah praise to Allah.Although now my baby is in a teething phase so at times during his ‘feeding’ session I cringed and trying to hang in there while my poor baby gave me a gummy smile..haih too cute! I know this too shall pass but I just cant wait for it to be over.
one of my favourite photo of my children all together 🙂

Until the next post, just remember no matter how good or bad you think life is,wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.

My number three turns four

Raising up a baby for the third time definately has taught me few lessons. One very obvious lesson is every child is different and the same can be said for all three of my pregnancy too. This little M boy, well he is the impatient one.The one who came to the world a tad too early..but nevertheless survived (alhamdulillah) and now are healthy 6 kilos at four months old.

However little M is a quiet baby, he will only make noise (read:cry his hearts out) if he could no longer wait to be fed or need his sleep.Otherwise he is fine on his own self entertaining sucking his fingers or staring at his sister and brother fighting! haha


happy four month old Mukhriz darling!

A year to be thankful


Before we end our 2012, we held a small and intimate majlis akikah for my baby Mukhriz. It was on a beautiful Saturday morning, on 22nd of December.


We had two kambing golek, yummy lauk pauk and coconut jelly. There were about twenty marhaban ladies who came to officiated the event. Thankfully the weather was kind to us, it was sunny in the afternoon then it was drizzling quite a bit  but just for awhile later back to glorious sun.


My three month-ish boy.


Dah chubby skit dah dia


Uhuh..my very “helpful” children


For this special occasion, I’m quite happy I manage to squeeze the little time that I had to make something for my youngest boy. A handmade mini jubah for him, the hot air balloon mobile hang on the cradle and the cloud pillows. Of course all was not done in a day, took me two weeks to get it all planned, prepared and sew up. The idea of all white and whimsical decoration came when I was pondering in my craft room and it clicked me when I was staring at my own curtain – that is full of hot air balloons and clouds.


Ever so curious kids

My cute niece Sarah  & Mike. Haha so cute la these two!17

“THIS is the way to take snap photo laaaa” HAHA

Ayoo ..it seems someone is busy with his new ip5


It was indeed a very eventful year for us all, felt almost like a year being pregger, got admitted to the hospital twice before actually went into labour. But all was good, alhamdullilah. And just today, we went for Mia’s school orientation. My girl is going to a big school.Oh wow! Feels surreal! I can’t believe my eldest is all grown up and ready to be a year one student in a big big school.

Anyhow I can’t wait what is instill for me in the next year. I pray to be always blessed by the Al-Mighty. InshaAllah.

Have a great awesome new year peeps and happy holiday 🙂 X


The rest of the pictures will be uploaded in flickr like always.

Baby Mukhriz


Can you believe that Mukhriz is three months old already?! He is the sweetest little thing ! He gives me lots of smiles after being fed and loves  to coos all day long. He has gained lots of weight too. As of  yesterday check-up he now weights 5.2kilos (syukur alhamdulillah!).

Brotherhood. Always and forever.

photo (8)

As my elder two has grown up and very much independent on their own, it is nice to have a baby.They have such a comforting, scrumptious smell it is just addictive.Now now, with that cheeky smile..makes me falls in love all over again.

photo (9)

Our latest M series

Yes, Hello World! Presenting my baby boy – Muhammad Mukhriz born on August 22nd, 2012 – Wednesday, on our fourth day of Hari Raya  (eid dul fitri). Great timing honey!! Well, technically he was supposed to be our September baby (just like his sister and brother) but my guess Allah has better plan for him (and me) .

Basically he was 3 week(ish) early from his edd, due to that he weights only 2 kilos and was put in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). In fact as I am writing this entry, he is still here in NICU for observation – his weight ; it goes down to 1.8kg two days after his birth and then his jaundice went up and down,and then back up. So far, nothing too serious but of course we pray everyday for his well being. Alhamdulillah, to date he weights 1.95kg and his jaundice level has gone down tremendously. Syukur alhamdulillah.

As to the cause of this preterm birth, I had mild bleeding two weeks leading to his birth and it appears I had contraction every ten minutes.  I was admitted for couple of day as advised by my gynae, until he feels its safe for me to go back home and rest. However, the contraction came back on the night of third day Raya. I kinda knew what it is but as we were back at Kuantan (husband’s hometown) I tried to brush it off and try to stay calm. Of course that night I could not sleep well. I was restless the whole night. The next morning, I felt uncomfortable and turns out my undergarment was covered with fresh blood. We quickly head back to Kuala Lumpur (thankful traffic was not heavy) and we safely arrived at the hospital and the rest is history.

Kakak Mia was overjoyed to see her baby brother. She kept saying, is that him mommy? Can I hold him pleaseeeee?!! O yes we caught that on video. Should be fun to watch it over and over again heh.

Another brother for me to boss around HAHA.

Mike was happy too.

Well, on his own way. After awhile he forgot about his baby brother and kept himself busy with the Ipad.

And just for fun sake, my babies!!!! Hoh boy, I’m officially mommy to THREE kids!

Before I go, I just wanted to say thank you to friends and families who came by to visit us. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, supportive and lovely gifts. And to my dear husband, you’re my rock! Thank you for taking care our kids while I tend to our Mukhriz.