A little late start for 2015

Overall the year twenty fourteen has been a great year for me & my family. First of all, health wise – specially my three kids were in good health..alhamdulillah, im taking no admission to hospital is a good indication.

Secondly, in October we finally say goodbye to our former apartment and move to our new crib. Location wise it is still within city and amenities is easily accessible. One major thing we all agreed is we got a bigger space for five of us. I’ll say its never too late to move to a new place even when kids have grown up abit..in fact, it has made life somewhat easier as the process of cleaning up, packing and the moving day – we as family were very involved in every step of the way. Admitly, we all do miss our old house as it shared many memorable moments and more so it was our first family house. Kids misses the pool! That’s the only one bit the new place is lack. But we told kids, we can always come back and go for a dip in the pool.Currently, we are refurnish the old pad to make way for rental.

Finally, among the highlight I like to remember in 2015 – my husband & I travel trip to London & Paris (sans kids). It wasn’t in the plan, husband received on a short notice to go Londres for work and asked me to tag along. I was abit reluctant at first to leave the kids as we never be apart that long (2 weeks + trips) and at the furthest place. Anyhow, husband and my mom convinced me they’ll be alright under my parental supervision and long story short – we had our first couple holiday in after 8 years!! The trip reminded us again to be husband & wife , and I’m glad we did make the trip.

In this coming twenty fifteen, my only wish is to continue to become the best wife,mom, daughter and be bless from Allah swt. Ameen.

>> My 2013 #memostatigram

Truth be told, I’m more active on instagram as compared to my other social media. Yes most of time we snap pictures, write a few caption..and bam, its on live feed. Anyhow, I’ve join the statigram hashtag memostatigram (that’s your best ‘likes’ moment in instagram world) . Looks like my youngest baby Mukhriz makes the cut! hehe and boy he’s growing up fasttttttttt..





“People who love to eat are Always the best people”


Weekends inspired me to try out new stuff – like baking! So couple weeks back I managed to bake shepherd pie. It turns out great & yummy if i may say so myself .And for that it was all finish within minutes.


On that day itself, I challenge myself to bake a cake ( too ambitious I say!). A Victoria Sponge cake. A recipe I have been admiring in my frame by frame – baking book. Furthermore the cake itself as the cover book. Of course  meant something – easy? delish? strawberries…yumms!


But luck was not my side. It did not turns out as good as my pie. And I know exactly WHY it went wrong. 1) I accidently over butter-ed it and (2) I was in a rush …we were actually heading out to attend a friend’s dinner, so initially I thought I could still ‘squeeze’ sometime to quickly do this, but in actual fact when u rush things, it will go wrong 😦

However, the taste of the cake was quite alright. Brought it to the office the next day, got a friend tasted it and her comment “pretty good!”. Hokay so I thought why not give it oneeeeee more time. And I did! The following weekend.

Ta-daaaa! Not only it looks inviting (hehe) but tasted heavenly too ( IMHO) 🙂 .

20130208-105147.jpgAnother long weekends is around the corner, lets see IF I’m up for another baking adventure. Until then, have a fabulous weekends, enjoy your precious time with your love ones (as I surely do) and Happy Chinese New Year.


My 2012 sewing projects

Gotta love the iphone and its wonderful apps and I for one is an instagram addict. It has make it easy for me to capture my sewing endeavour by creating my own hashtag (#idoublerasewing).

Anyhow,without further ado presenting by far my 2012 handmade collections 🙂 Some are made for gifts and some are for my kids and myself.





The Dilemma

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this dilemma for quite a while now. And today, I’ve finally make the time to actually sit down and blog away. Just a rant I badly need to let it out.

A working mother’s guilt. Not a day goes by that I don’t question my choice. It’s a guilt I secretly been carrying since the day my eldest was born.I’m begining to question myself about the balance I badly needed in my life.Its just too difficult for me to be the kind of mother I wanted to be, prepared a good healthy meal, clean house, play time with my kids and the list goes on.

My family, my kids are my ultimate priority. But as a full time working mom, who spend 9 hours in the office, 5 days in a week, has become a routine of late, I don’t quite enjoyed anymore. The joy of working, having your own money when you first started out at a young age of 22 years old is not the same when you are at your early 30s and have your own family to care for. For me it has become from I liked to work  to I had to work. When I’m at work, half my brain is at home and vice versa. Sometimes I feel like I can never quite remain in one state of matter long enough to finish everything or anything. So, if I feel this way, why don’t I just quit and stay home, right? Trust me, I’ve thought about it a lot, and I wish it were that easy.

My mom was a homemaker. Growing up with a stay at home mom, I was blessed with home cooked meal, chauffeur to schools, piano lessons, mengaji, tuition and school activities. I now  realize how lucky I was to get her undivided love. I counted my blessing for all the time she’s there for me and my sibling. No doubt there were times I wished she had worked and earn some money of her own, just so we could have the latest toys, coolest shoes/dress that other friends had. Dad work long hours, and often time play golfs with his friends. So mom was basically the one who handle us all,  the one always making sure we completed our homeworks and have a proper meal.  We are happy to be spending our childhood in the comfort of our home. She’s there for us, during our sad times and good times.

I always assumed that I would stay home too once I have kids, like my mom did with my brothers and me, but things changed- I further my study, received scholarship, graduated with a degree and pursue my career. My children may not have the same attention as I did, and that truly breaks my heart. After  my maternity leaves ended, my eldest, Mia , she was send to a babysitter. The same goes with my son, Mike. Despite all that, my daughter Mia grows up to be a smart and beautiful 5 years old girl who loves arts and craft, reading, taking up mandarin and taekwondo and enjoyed attending her montessori school. But she would have to stayed back until 5.30pm until its time for mommy daddy to come and picked her up. Mike, my son, he is a healthy, cheeky and lovable 2 years old boy who has unruly curls to die, for if i may so hehe. For now, this arrangement works best for us.

However, it bothers me will they turn out OK even though they went to day care instead of being home with me? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I spend an awful lot of time worrying about them. I feel like I’m trying to do so many things at once that in the process, I end up doing none of them well. I can’t help but think that stay-at-home moms are happier because they are not trying to do it all. I do thought about taking some time off and stay at home caring for my kids, but in reality, at this moment I don’t think we can afford with one income. Not in this big city with handful commitments.

My latest concern is when it comes the time for Mia to starts her primary school. She will be starting her standard one in 2013. Yes, that’s next year! What added more the pressure is I am now expecting baby no. 3 . It was not in our ‘roadmap‘ but I believe God has better plan for us. Can I cope with 3 children, a  school-going child, a toddler, a new born baby, full time working and with no helper?  And its just me and my husband in this household. The option of hiring a live-in maid its not in our list (or rather we wish to avoid) . Let’s just say, we have trust issues with maid. Not that we ever had one, but  let’s just not go there. I guess what I’m trying to say here, deep down I yearn for my kids to have the same childhood as I did. It’s torturing me reading up news about missing children, bad influence from friends and so on. It’s physically and mentally challenging raising up kids in a city and be a parent in this era.

I want to be with my children every step of the way, but how do I do that?  When you are away for 9 hours and coming back home to attend to  house chores and kids seeking your attention. What’s left of my energy is not much. I’ve asked couple of friends, how does it feels growing up with a working mom? Do they ever wish at one point of time, they have a full time mommy at home?  Two friends told me, they never regretted it. In fact they learned to be independent and were taught invaluable lessons at a young age. They looked up their mom and idolize her. Its so happen I know their mother personally as well, and truly I admired their success. They brought up not only smart children but well mannered too. They turn out fine! And they are now the second generation working mother. I salute you girls!

That being said, I believe SAHM has their own issues as well. But above all, even tho it may not be a glamorous job, no paid leaves, no breaks, it is the highest salaried jobs, since the payment is pure love. The sacrifices they take up just to look after their loves ones, I say is that is priceless. SAHM, you have my absolute respect! What more if you are working at home mommies. You wonder woman!

I’m glad mom now is enjoying her time, doing what she loves , travelling , gardening and golfing. I would not want to burden her taking care my children, as she had enough taken care of us sibling. This is the time for her to rest, put her feet up and enjoy her days with my dad. You are my idol too mom! x

I guess sometimes this guilt can be a warning signal that I need to make a change in my life. Someday, I hope this guilt will be buried and I’ll strike the balance with work and family time. My kid’s wellbeing is always in my prayers.  At this moment I’m happy I have an amazing husband who supports me, awesome dad to my kids with a great sense of humor. Thanks Ted! I may not say this often, but we do make a great team kan. Love you! And kids, I hope someday you forgive me for the time I may not gives my full attention because mommy is just big little girl, with no superpower who sometimes get cranky and clueless too. But do know, no matter what I will always be there for you in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, have you watched this movie ‘I don’t know how she does it?’ (stars by SJP). Well, working mom I betcha can relate to it as I did. 🙂

Thanks for hearing me out reader.

p/s: im in my second trimester btw. 🙂


Blog title inspired from Pugly Pixel

1.tshirt, water bottles and t-story -checked! uh huh still into buzz lightyear.
2.fabric sorting.someone asked me in instagram if i have an online shop . i dont blame her, looking at that stash, i should!
3.mother daughter in stripes and black shoes.
4.its a nice coffee table book.
5.getting much needed hair cut.my girl was a champ, unlike her brother who cried bloody murder in the hair salon.
6.pencil case for mia.
7.kimono top with matching pants, plush toys and baby shoes. all handmade with love xx