Almost ripe

Week 37

As this pregnancy approaches to its end..soon, I’m beginning to feel anxious, w abit of mix-feelings here+there, easily worn out  and most definitely getting heavier. The belly has grown tremendously! that sometimes got me freak out looking myself in the mirror. Side ways view are my least fav. However, thank goodness I can still see both feet, but dang! the last thing I would wanna do is picking up things on the floor. At home, Mia is my fav. person to call out for help, picking things up for me ..teehee. Most time, its her toys also lah yang bersepah tu.  Oh and also clipping my toe nails these days  is a pain in the arse ( mental note: must ‘make time’ to go do nice pedi before I pop then heh).

My heartburn is still there once in awhile, but not as bad as it used to. Since I’ve learn my lesson to tone down on those spicy food and other related food that could trigger it, it kinda helped alot. But, now am having problem in getting a good night sleep. You see, I would have to toss around few minutes  to get into my comfortable position and just as I doze off, Mango’s feet (yes without a doubt) pushing + kicking me so hard up to my rib that  got me back awake. Again, I would need to get up, massage my upper belly and  slowly  (try)get back to sleep.  Now, this would happen few times at night. O well, I just need to hang in there uh?!

Since early August (Sunday particularly), I would make time to clean up, clear up and declutter most stuffs in our house. Getting things neat and organized kinda cheer up my day really! (ah yes, I would like to believe its that  nesting instinct that play a part too!).  Sadly, minutes later, got myself a leg cramp. Gah!Serve me right also, bersungguh-sungguh sgt.

As for craving, I think I’m kinda done (but not over!hehe) w durian. Maybe one last thing I wanna eat to my heart’s content before delivery/confinement are seafood. Ah, puasa month is also just around the corner. I love love the month of Ramadhan. Now, lets see if this pregnant woman can fast for the v. first time in her life at this rate. Luck to me! And happy fasting peeps! 🙂

I'm the big sister!

DSC_0192Yerp! And pretty soon too I’ll be the mother of two. Unbelievable!  But I’m excited to meet my lil’ one. Mia is getting cheekier lah these days, talkative, extra manja, but that’s ok, I do want her to feel manja and pampered her as much as I could. She can be such a sport when we went shopping for Mango’s stuff. “Beli barang adik!”, she would say it out loud! But on the other hand, when we’re back from shopping trip, she would asked (not once, but few times!), “Ni saper punya ni?”, of course whenever I say “This one is for adik”. She would sulk and firmly claimed that its hers! and no barang for adik at-all.  Not trying to get into silly argument with a 2y/o toddler, I just agreed with her. Other times, she loves talking to her adik (my belly), nothing new there. And knock few times too, hoping the adik is not asleep and actually responded to her. Too cute! As for myself, pregnant at thirty four weeks, am doing belly good :). Of course, occasionally I wish to speedup my labor day, but heck, who am I kidding, even the hospital and baby bag is nowhere near ready. I shall start  (bit by bit) packing and washing up those baby clothes, and get that nesting instinct kick-in. And when I do, I bet it that it would be hard for me to stop!

Week 31


…wow where does the time go!!

Over the weekends, we finally went for baby shopping for the lil’ one. I forgot how much fun it was to have reason and excuses to get new stuff for the baby heh. Of course, we didn’t go overboard, thanks to the husband who kept me on toes to stick to our baby list.

On the other hand, my heartburn has tone down. Well, the secret was  no teh-ais (darn!), no nescafe, no chocolate, no spicy food, no late night snack before bed (guilty!guilty!) and most definately no gassy drinks lor. Not that I don’t know all of these, I was just being a wee bit in denial?, thinking alar eat+drink skit je wont hurt. Boy how wrong was I. My heartburn is one serious case lah, so  have to pantang from alllll that, till this pregnancy is over. Tapi nanti,pantang lagi!demn.

My last checkup with Dr.H went pretty well. Alhamdulillah mango is doing great too. As for the EDD, still within that same week as Mia birth date.Great!! *grin . The next 4 weeks, would be my last monthly checkup, and here comes the two weeks checkup, which am sure will pass by oh so quickly! Next thing I know, I’ll be in the labor room?!

Pray this 40wks journey goes smoothly for me ya! Thanks peeps!

Yay and Nay


of things i like+love these  30wks  journey kicks kicks kicks (yes, lovin every min of it) monthly checkup w Dr.H my hearts out! heh
6.shops for mango! (and even more for Mia!)
7.mia’s funny way of calling her adik‘s name

of few things i don’t quite enjoy
1.horrible Heartburn w a big H
2.popping those obimin vits  every freaking day
4.leg cramps!gah!
5.frequent trip to the loo
6.the fact every month there’ll be at least 1 top i could not fit into..grrr


On another note, I’m in search of a book for Mia, entitle “I’m the Big Sister”, or  “My new baby brother/sister”, or any kind of  sibling preparation books.  Masa tanak I could find suchs book, but now tak jumpa la pulak. Well, it’s just one of my steps into getting Mia ready for the new baby. So IF you guys happened to find any of those books, do inform me. Much thanks in advance peeps!!

Hello Week 26!

And move my Bump
My bump my bump my Bump
My l♥vely baby bump


And that’s me three weeks ago. Getting itchier day by day, I say my skins are doing some serious  stretching. On some days, to keep myself awake at work, I listen to songs ranging from Lady Gaga to doses of Green Day’s. And thanks to You mango, mommy won’t feel sleepy no more with your knocks and kicks!. Bravo! If I’m lucky,  I guess either your elbow, hands, legs or your head the ones making those kicks. Hope you’re comfortable in there, just don’t knock mommy too hard will ya.“Just dance. Gunna be okay.Da-doo-doo-doo”.

Your sister on the other hand, still sleeps with us. We are running out of ideas how to wean her from our bed. Maybe you’ll be the one end up sleeping the small bed next to us boleh? 🙂 I haven’t started buying any new baby stuff for you. No worries, I’ve make some mental list what to get this time round. One would think I would be busy sewing baby stuff, well truthfully I haven’t  started any of it. Busy adding baby favorite links, yes, but the sew-jo (how Yvy put it LOL) not there yet. Hope it won’t be too late when the mood finally kicks in. Although, the idea of lugging back my sewing machine to do some sewing during pantang does crosses my mind hehe.

Let’s not forget, you had your first flight in mommy’s tummy some weeks ago to Langkawi Island. Just what I needed, a relaxing family vacay by the beach before you pop-out. Your sister was being a little paranoid with the sand at first, not until we coax her few times only to agree to play with it half-heartily! O well,  good thing she loves the pool and the cable car ride! Poor daddy have to carry her to climb up the narrow stairs!Mommy on the other hand, had some passing remarks from passerby being ‘impress’ this preggie lady can walk up & down the stairs. Little did they know, I was exhausted like hell!and all the while this  madagascar song” I like to  move it move it” was playing at the back of my head!Don’t ask me why!Maybe you’re trying to psycho up your mother uh?

Been thinking about you mango, can’t wait to see you in couple of days for my next checkup!

Mango's entry

And so I’ve entered my 24th week of pregnancy.

Life’s been pretty good so far. Love my round belly, which makes me love rubbing  it too! And mango has been one active fella too, as I speak.pusing sana,pusing sini . That picture above, are mango’s sonogram scan from our monthly checkup. In my flickr, I’ve tag few notes to this image.  Headed there if you’re interested to know.

Other than that,  I had  what my gynae diagnose a mild UTI during my last checkup, but thank gawd the pain has lessen now. I’ve also cut down stressing myself with housework(and..err office work too can?heh). Mia has been a darl, kissing and hugging my belly whenever I requested her  (yah nowdays with her, everything also on request,no more volunteer to hug Mommy or Daddy). On top of that, I have a feeling am gaining alot! Darn! I can eat almost anything and everything. Yerp peeps, hello mother of whale here! ;P

Of this and that


Of all the housework, I hate HATE folding clothes. I procrastinate so much so, that when it comes to folding time, I almost throw up (and get pissed easily). It is just too much work you see. And don’t even get me started with ironing. Thank gawd the husband has been kind enough to send his working clothes to the professional heh. He knows better, his wife is terrible in that department. Well, terrible by his standards that it. True, housework wont kill you, but Why take the chance uh?


Alhamdulillah, Im doing ok, and so does mango. Well, except the fact I feel SO pregnant! Isnt it too early to be feeling the way am feeling right now? The facts that I feel (and look?) like a whale and walk like a penguin! So unlike my first pregnancy. You might have notice, Ive yet to reveal my belly pix. Not that I havent taken month by month shots, just not keen to publicize it here. Not just yet. On another note, I took back my old maternity wear over the weekends back home. Reality really hits me, I can easily fit into it at five months, while back then, I started wearing it late six month.  Tak apa lah, as long as people know am not fat, im pregnant (ok fine, a little fleshy now!)  )

Mia, the boss kecik

She LOVES singing, talks non-stop, and shriek whenever she gets upset over something really Really silly (wind blowing & the curtains terkena at her face or her territory,see v.silly kan?) Can be a little bossy at times. Mommy and Daddy sometimes spoils (or rather bribe) her  with ice-creams and cold drinks. Her favorite toys now is her mini kitchen stove. Together with her senduk, mangkuk and frying pan. Her action of masak-masak is pretend to tumbuk sambal belancan. Ive yet to sew any felt food for her. I think I should. But for now, let her pretend to cook w sticker cakes and donuts, oh curlers too! LOL!