Our Lombok and Gili Trawangan beach holiday


I first heard of Lombok from a good friend, she went there last year and her Lombok photos was mesmerizing.

Since our kids loves to play with water and we’re thinking somewhere with nice beaches and so Lombok it is ūüôā

The night before our trip we had our annual office dinner and I was involve as a committee..so came back late and I was practically rushing to pack everything in our suitcase (this is where I forgot to pack our sunblock sheesh).It didn’t help my baby boy decided to wake up too at 3am because hey mommy is awake why not play with her..hmmph!

Long story short, we boarded our early morning flight and arrived approximately around 11.30am at Bandara Lombok International Airport. The flight took us about three hours. Good thing we’ve arranged earlier an airport transfer to our hotel. Now, that took another 45 minutes ride (by this time I look like a zombie haha but rest assure still very excited hee)


We choose Living Asia Spa & Resort Hotel at Sengigi, West Lombok for our four days and three night stays here. Upon arrival we were served juice drinks. Husband thought of requesting a room with private pool but it was fully book, nevertheless the receptionist gave us a room with a beach and pool view and get this, the pool is right in front of our door steps! Of course kids was the most happiest.


The first day we just lazed around the hotel while kids had their fun in pool for hours (and I get my much needed nap). That night we had a delish seafood BBQ buffet and was entertained by live acoustics band.

On Sunday, after a hearty breakfast for all , kids jump in the pool while I get my dose online inspiration/pinterest.

DSC_8442 DSC_8444

DSC_8403 DSC_8434


Lombok has three beautiful Island: Gile Meno Рthe quietest island, less crowd most beautiful I was told,  Gili Air Рwhich has the largest local population and Gili Trawangan- being the most popular among all three.

Later that  afternoon we then make our way to Gili Trawangan. The much anticipated island we heard so much about. We booked a tour guide from the hotel and two supir came to pick us up. The nearest jetty from our hotel was about 20minutes drive.


We booked a private speed boat to Gili T simply because we wanted to reach there fast. But boy was I nervous (and had a mini seasick) throughout the ride as it accelerate and quite bumpy, and dang those waves looks scary to me. Kids was all right, happy with the speed -.- unlike their mommy. Thankfully that took us slightly over 15 minutes to reach the island.


DSC_8221 DSC_8213

The rest I let the pictures speaks for itself ūüėČ

DSC_8240 DSC_8246

That’s me with my girl Mia >>snorkelling..


No prize guessing who had the most fun.


We found out no cars/ motorbikes allowed on the island. Only bicycles and pony rides like this we took are prohibited.

Locals calls it the “ferrari ride” LOL. Took us around the island for a good forty five minutes.


By six thirty pm our boat arrived to pick us back to Sengigi Lombok. It rained later that day..hence the gloomy look.


Unbelievable – we came back and kids are still pumped and jumped right back in the pool for another round of funnnn.


Monday we took the same supir to bring us for sightseeing around Sengigi.

First stop was at the traditional weaving village РSukarara (situated at Central Lombok). All handmade and beautifully weaved fabrics  which I was informed takes months to complete.

DSC_8524 DSC_8525 DSC_8539

We then head for lunch at ……. Lesehan Taliwang Irama, where we had the locals -Ayam Taliwang dish. Oh! I must mention among the best part of Lombok is the muslim community. If Bali is well known for Pulau Seribu Temple, well Lombok is famous for Pulau Seribu Masjid. Mosque can be found every corners in this Island.

We then take a drive to Kuta beach, South of Lombok. Just chillaxing at the Novotel Kuta where we had a few drinks and desserts.


While Mia and I went for the hotel spa, our boys waited us under this gazebo. The massage and facial cost only RM90 for both of us. What a steal right?!

DSC_8556 DSC_8559 DSC_8581

Day four – and our last day in Lombok, we just enjoyed the surrounding of our hotel beach view and kids had their last dip in the pool.

DSC_8630 DSC_8646 DSC_8655

Lombok has been good to us, definitely coming back to check out the rest of the Island.


p/s: On another note, very very sad with the devastating news of the missing Malaysian Airlines (MH370) on Saturday 8th,March. My prayers and positive thoughts to the victims family.

Off to the Museum


Mia has been asking me for the longest time to bring her to visit  our national museum. One fine day, I finally make the time to bring both Mia & Mike (sans husband and baby) here. Kids below 12 years old can enter for free, while adults (with MyKad) are charged at only RM2. Cheap right? !

Its been ages since I last visited this place. When we stepped in, I must say..I was pretty impressed. So much has been changed. It was bright and looks spacious, and nicely done too- the arrangement and few new interactive media. And to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of history, but I believe it is important our kids to learn the olden times and its history background. Now as I’m a parent I understand better hehe.. So my dear children, learn your history!!


Mia couldn’t stop asking me the why, the how, the when,…endless. But we totally had fun discussing it. Mike was curious as well as he actually finished reading “Curious George goes to the Museum” so he was hoping to see dinosaurs’ skeleton but there was none. ¬†Good thing he wasn’t disappointed but carry on exploring the museum like a champ.

At the end of the day, we had another round of ice-creams. Yes, before we entered the kids had one each. I say why not..it was indeed a hot sunny day.

photo (22)

The HK story for the next few days..

The next day, it rained the morning we went to Disneyland Luckily on the first day went we get to cover most disney rides.












we walk alot, we laugh alot too and we truly had fun!tiring but fun more ūüôā we sure don’t mind coming back to hong kong. our last six day trip ended spending every dollar at city gate shopping mall and for me, was the sham shui po fabric market (refer previous two entry).

so where to next? heh

Here You Leave Today and Enter The World of Yesterday,Tomorrow & Fantasy


My husband and I have been keeping secrets from our kids about our Hong Kong vacation. Somehow along the way Mia found out and was super excited that she didn’t slept at all in flight, well only doze off when we were about to land. Anyhow, this trip was extra special because we went together with good friends. Six adults, four kids and two babies. Full house!

Tickets to Disneyland were bought months ago during Malaysia’s Matta fair. It was quite a good deal. We stayed at Disneyland Hotel for three days and two nights.

One main reason we opt to stayed in this hotel was to spend the time with the Disney character during breakfast. Kids was stoked when Mickey Mouse then Goofy then Pluto came to our tables.

We make a move to Disneyland about 9.30am by a shuttle bus provided from the hotel. The queue to enter Disneyland wasn’t that bad – I believe we came during a non-peak session. Ten am sharp they opened the entrance. We were super glad weather was bright and sunny as couple days ago HK weather forecasted raining.

We’re so happy to see kids enjoyed themselves tremendously. I would say it is a perfect age & time we brought the kids to Disneyland.




to be continue…


Fabric Market : Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong


Four days ago I was in Hong Kong for a family holiday. The highlight of the trip for me has got to be my shopping trip to Sham Shui Po (SSP), Hong Kong largest fabrics & DIY supplies. If I may quote from Hey Kumo blog Indeed, the Fabric Street in Hong Kong is something to behold. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of textile shops in the area, with their samples hung out for your picking.” ¬†Every crafter dream to be to in this side of ¬†‘paradise‘.

I went to SSP with a dear friend sans our husbands, just us with our babies ¬†in our boba babycarrier – (I swear this carrier is very comfortable for a long walkabout!) ¬†Since it was our last day in HK and we had to check-out by 12pm, so husbands stayed back to do some packing while us ladies head to fabric shopping. No way I’m gonna miss going to this much talk about fabric market while I’m in Hong Kong.


I am so blessed Mukhriz is an easy baby. He slept the moment I step into MTR and all the while during mommy-going-oooo-aaa-over-fabrics , he slept soundly. Alhamdulillah.

Alrighty – brace yourself diyer & fabrics lovers as I will present to you one of largest fabric town I have been to- Sham Shui Po.


Our Regal Kowloon Hotel (where we stayed for three nights) situated nearby Tsim Sha Shui MTR and it took us about 3 minutes walk. We took the Tsuen Wan Line and head to Sham Shui Po MTR ( very important to get to the right exit – take exit A2) .

By 9 am we arrived SSP. *A tip I read in blogsphere it is better to go on a weekday because on Saturday & Sunday most shops are closed. I’m glad we decided to go on a Monday morning. Traffic was good and weather was kind too ūüôā . Since we were early, we roamed around Yu Chaun Street where we saw ribbons, trims & beads shops. Choices choices choices!



Before we began to overspent on tons of beautiful ribbons & trims we quickly walk away (of course with our loots!)  from the shop (heavy heartily)  to locate Ki Lung Street and we found it! It was just a row behind the first lane from where we got off from the MTR exit.

Sellers are getting ready to take out their stacks of fabrics. It’s nice to be there early.


Weee…blardly excited ! Tee Hee


Words could not described how stoked I was to finally arrived and experienced the awesomeness of the SSP fabrics town. My hands kept touching every fabrics I saw to get the feel – there’s jersey knits, cottons, lace, polyester, silk every types of fabrics one could imagine.

Samples of fabrics are displayed for customers to choose. However, most of it are sold as wholesale. I took couple of samples, didn’t asked further as I know I will have to wait a day or two before getting them so I head to available ones on Ki Lung Street.

I have a thing with scissors. I love to collect them whenever I travel abroad. This uncle was seating in this cute corner shop selling nothing but scissors. He didn’t talk much but understood what I was looking for. I picked a size 10 scissors and he helped out to sharpen it and let me test to snip on scraps. He sure is an expert.

Three hours passed by very quickly when we’re having too much fun picking our materials to your heart contents. I did get discounts from this one auntie (didnt get to snap her photo) since we bought A LOT from her. She has the nicest collections too I must say. *All shops sells in yards , some put up a minimum of 5yards , some at 3 yards and certain doesn’t mind at all. Try to negotiate and ask nicely ūüôā

I wish we brought our roller luggage but what to do, it was our last day in HK and hubster need to use it to pack our stuff. My shoulders were overload with yards & yards of fabby furthermore with a sleeping baby it was quite unbearable to be standing and walking . No doubt both of us were exhausted but we were happy with our purchases.


Price wise I would say very afforable even compared to Ringgits. Definitely a must go for every crafter & sewist …you won’t regret it.

Many thanks to HeyKumo blog, Katharine Yeung and TravellersYarn for their informative stories about sham shui po fabric market. Other related blogs you can read here, here , here, here and here.

And finally , here are stuff I bought – yards of cottons, oil cloth, knits, sequins, beads, ribbons and leather . Not in pictures are some ribbons, rick racks and lace. All worth the walk & sweat to SSP!



I have been to Chinatown Bangkok (blogged here) but nothing beats Sham Shui Po market.¬†Definitely¬†coming back for sure! Who’s with me? ūüėČ

Perth : The Last day

Last Day  25th Oct 2011
The night before, we packed our¬†luggage, cleaned the kitchen, done with our laundry, so all was settled. The hotel’s check out time is 10 in the morning, so we have to wake up and get ready early. A ¬†penalty of 16 AUD per hour will ¬†be charged for every hour of late check outs. Our flight to Melbourne was at 11 pm, and so we decided to leave our¬†luggages ¬†at the hotel’s safe. On this day we planned to visit ¬†Museum and the State Library. Just another relaxing outing.

On the way to catch our bus, we spot this children centre. Creative art work on the wall.

Somewhere near museum. Snap snap

Saw this Cootie Catcher! (obviously I google it!can’t remember this paper game) ¬†Some call it ¬†fortune teller? ¬†But whatever it is, am sure everyone of us played this as a kid kan. Sure brings back childhood memories. Good times. By the way what do u call this in Bahasa?

L-R: Arrived at the Perth Cultural Centre, Museum Cafe (click to enlarge)


Upon entering the museum, we were greeted by a friendly lady to help us (specially kids!) on what to discover in the  museum. Neat idea!

Some historical artifacts we saw . (forgive me, i don’t go into details on each photos. I might revisit this back when I have more time and effort ;p )

Another section of the Museum, about animals, butterflies and birds.

Rest, eat our packed lunch. Our kids eat alot , sometimes our packed lunch are not enough. Light snacks always comes in handy in our outing. Also water bottle is a must must must. One can get dehydrate from a lot of walking here there. We do eat at restaurant whenever we get hungry, in case you’re wondering ūüėČ

Just outside the museum, at the corner – a play area for kids to roam around and discover the interesting ‘invention’¬†. Even us adults are impress too.

The Library,¬†situated¬†just next to the museum. A 5 minute walk. ūüėČ

Obvious reason, family with kids – we check out the children section.

Saw couple of cute costumes in a box near the play area,¬†couldn’t¬†help it to asked Mia to tried it on. She was sucha sport. Hahaha that was fun!

Mike doesn’t understand the concept of puppet show. Sticking out your head is not the way la dear.

About two hours or so we were here.

Late on we went to Hay Street again, ¬†did some ‘damages’ here there. We are blessed with good weather that day as compared to our day 1, raining and chilling. Five o’clock we called it a day and get back to our hotel and pickup our luggages. Our very last¬†“stop”¬†was to have dinner with Intan & Sallehan.

Intan and baby Shakeel.

Sallehan & two years old Sofea.

Dinner at Mends Street.

After dinner, went back to I&S’s home to bath, changed and get kids clean, then off they sent us to domestic airport.

Thank you Perth. We had a pleasant and enjoyable trip here. Here’s an interesting insight read of Perth from Nuraina Samad’s¬†blog. We were there just ¬†a few days before Perth’s ¬†CHOGM 2011.