Here You Leave Today and Enter The World of Yesterday,Tomorrow & Fantasy


My husband and I have been keeping secrets from our kids about our Hong Kong vacation. Somehow along the way Mia found out and was super excited that she didn’t slept at all in flight, well only doze off when we were about to land. Anyhow, this trip was extra special because we went together with good friends. Six adults, four kids and two babies. Full house!

Tickets to Disneyland were bought months ago during Malaysia’s Matta fair. It was quite a good deal. We stayed at Disneyland Hotel for three days and two nights.

One main reason we opt to stayed in this hotel was to spend the time with the Disney character during breakfast. Kids was stoked when Mickey Mouse then Goofy then Pluto came to our tables.

We make a move to Disneyland about 9.30am by a shuttle bus provided from the hotel. The queue to enter Disneyland wasn’t that bad – I believe we came during a non-peak session. Ten am sharp they opened the entrance. We were super glad weather was bright and sunny as couple days ago HK weather forecasted raining.

We’re so happy to see kids enjoyed themselves tremendously. I would say it is a perfect age & time we brought the kids to Disneyland.




to be continue…



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