Our latest M series

Yes, Hello World! Presenting my baby boy – Muhammad Mukhriz born on August 22nd, 2012 – Wednesday, on our fourth day of Hari Raya  (eid dul fitri). Great timing honey!! Well, technically he was supposed to be our September baby (just like his sister and brother) but my guess Allah has better plan for him (and me) .

Basically he was 3 week(ish) early from his edd, due to that he weights only 2 kilos and was put in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). In fact as I am writing this entry, he is still here in NICU for observation – his weight ; it goes down to 1.8kg two days after his birth and then his jaundice went up and down,and then back up. So far, nothing too serious but of course we pray everyday for his well being. Alhamdulillah, to date he weights 1.95kg and his jaundice level has gone down tremendously. Syukur alhamdulillah.

As to the cause of this preterm birth, I had mild bleeding two weeks leading to his birth and it appears I had contraction every ten minutes.  I was admitted for couple of day as advised by my gynae, until he feels its safe for me to go back home and rest. However, the contraction came back on the night of third day Raya. I kinda knew what it is but as we were back at Kuantan (husband’s hometown) I tried to brush it off and try to stay calm. Of course that night I could not sleep well. I was restless the whole night. The next morning, I felt uncomfortable and turns out my undergarment was covered with fresh blood. We quickly head back to Kuala Lumpur (thankful traffic was not heavy) and we safely arrived at the hospital and the rest is history.

Kakak Mia was overjoyed to see her baby brother. She kept saying, is that him mommy? Can I hold him pleaseeeee?!! O yes we caught that on video. Should be fun to watch it over and over again heh.

Another brother for me to boss around HAHA.

Mike was happy too.

Well, on his own way. After awhile he forgot about his baby brother and kept himself busy with the Ipad.

And just for fun sake, my babies!!!! Hoh boy, I’m officially mommy to THREE kids!

Before I go, I just wanted to say thank you to friends and families who came by to visit us. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, supportive and lovely gifts. And to my dear husband, you’re my rock! Thank you for taking care our kids while I tend to our Mukhriz.

{This is it}

That was my status I put up in my FB on the day I gave birth my boy.

True to be told, I kinda know when exactly Mango would make his appearance. My past delivery w my girl Mia, I had to undergo a c-section. It was not in the plan. I had to endure pretty long labor w her and Mia ended up being distress in my tummy. Not wanting to  take risk of her life’s, the doctor scheduled an emergency c-section for me. Of course I was v.upset, as earlier I actually thought I could do natural childbirth like other moms. As the nurses wheeled me into the OT, I pray hard the baby would be healthy and safe from the operation. And alhamdulillah, Mia was safely delivered by Dr.H w Hubby by my side busy snapping pictures!lol

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My Memorable March the 13th

My Friday the 13th was really something. I got to be my SIL unqualified midwives on that day. My SIL, myself together we were in the labor room, with her obgyn and two nurses. Now, where was my brother? Away for his business trip in the UK. What a timing uh? Poor him.

SIL was supposed to be due sometime in two weeks, which if luck was on my brothers side, hell be back on time. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), her waterbag broke at 37weeks on late thursday night. Luckily she was staying at her mom’s place. Of all the nights, that night I happened to sleep late, v. late indeed. Brother was online, and we chatted abit. Then few minutes later, I was told(by my brother) to call up my SIL as she feels a little leaking going on. And few minutes later, she rang me back informing theres blood stain showing. Asked if she felt any contractions, which she didnt.Told her not to worry much, take a good night rest,and should she feels uneasy, wake her mom up.

Then I soon when off to bed hoping really hard it was just a false alarm. But I was definately indenial, I know THIS IS IT. She is SO gonna deliver the baby real soon! All I could think was, kecian my brother (and my SIL), it would be impossible for him to be there for his first born child.

Next morning, I text her asking hows everything. And waddaya know, rupanya at 3am that night, the contraction come and go,and she had a sleepless night. She was getting ready to the hospital w the parents, and coincidenctly my parents was around in KL too, so both parents went off to the hospital.

While at work, I could not take off my mind wandering about my SIL wellbeing, praying hard shell be alright. By lunch time, brother called me, pleaded me to be by my SIL”s side in the labour room. She was 4cm dilated and in pain. Little did I know, both mothers( my mom and her mom) was the lemah-semangat type,and could not bare to be in there during the labour.

And so, I have to be the “brave one”.

Long story short, SIL delivered her beauuuuuutiful baby girl at 4.15pm on Friday the 13th (no less hehe). Let”s just say, the experienced was really something. Cheering and supporting my SIL throughout her battle was something I will never forget in my whole life. Shes one Very Very strong lady, just by the third push the baby was out. And nope, nothing like in the movie (screaming and kicking) going on. I must say, Allah indeed telah mempermudahkan her delivery. Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

When my time comes, I pray to have a smooth delivery like hers as well. Ameen.

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got milk?

my first time attempt in breastfeedin(BF) lil’ mia..it wasn’t easy! yah..ofcoz i read frm books,surf thru net,read other mothers’ blog…but,its a total different situation when u urself handles it.what makes matter worst for me was bcoz i had my c-section,so it was quite difficult to move and accomodate for lil’ mia. however,thankgawd for those very2 helpful nurses,they were very kind enuff to guide and show me the ways.

the next challenge for me was…the milk.mind u,the milk ..dont just come flowin ok.there’s a lot of ‘hardwork’ to be done,the squezing and expressin it,..does takeup sometime and patient.my day one ‘milk’, wasnt much.the nurses mention its normal for new mom,so..that kinda relief me bit. as long as lil’ mia got a few suckin …thats fine.

come third day,i feel a lil’ feverish.at first i thot ..it was due to the medication they gv me earlier,but..it turns out actually,my milk-bank,was full..and in need of an exit.so,datanglah this young nurse with the breastpump..so pump i did.magically,right after tat,i feel FINE!

now,as i speak..my milk bank has improve alot…and lil’ mia,been BF eversince then.the hospital i was admited,are a real hardcore in BF..and so i am plannin to be one of em’.hey,what’s good for babies is good for the mothers too right?!save $$ frm buyin those formulas.there’s more other benefits in BF,but i shall not bored u guys with that.

to my friends,Selamat Berpuasa!!i miss buka-ing beramai2 with u guys! 😦 Have a nice breakin fast.