Someone turns the big 5!



My dear Mike(al) … my eldest boy! You’ve grown up so fast over the years and truly Mommy sometimes couldn’t catchup with your non-stop questions of this that. Look tough but all softy inside… hehe Well, please know I only want the very best for you my son in this dunia and Hereafter Amin.




Mike and Mia, love hate relationship but BFF at heart!



Off to the Museum


Mia has been asking me for the longest time to bring her to visit  our national museum. One fine day, I finally make the time to bring both Mia & Mike (sans husband and baby) here. Kids below 12 years old can enter for free, while adults (with MyKad) are charged at only RM2. Cheap right? !

Its been ages since I last visited this place. When we stepped in, I must say..I was pretty impressed. So much has been changed. It was bright and looks spacious, and nicely done too- the arrangement and few new interactive media. And to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of history, but I believe it is important our kids to learn the olden times and its history background. Now as I’m a parent I understand better hehe.. So my dear children, learn your history!!


Mia couldn’t stop asking me the why, the how, the when,…endless. But we totally had fun discussing it. Mike was curious as well as he actually finished reading “Curious George goes to the Museum” so he was hoping to see dinosaurs’ skeleton but there was none.  Good thing he wasn’t disappointed but carry on exploring the museum like a champ.

At the end of the day, we had another round of ice-creams. Yes, before we entered the kids had one each. I say why was indeed a hot sunny day.

photo (22)

Road to recovery

March welcome us with not so good health for our entire households. For close to two weeks all of us came down with flu,cough and fever. It all started from my youngest son mukhriz then mike and me, and last was my husband. Mia was very lucky as she just had a runny nose and slight cough.

All is good now Alhamdulillah praise to Allah.Although now my baby is in a teething phase so at times during his ‘feeding’ session I cringed and trying to hang in there while my poor baby gave me a gummy smile..haih too cute! I know this too shall pass but I just cant wait for it to be over.
one of my favourite photo of my children all together 🙂

Until the next post, just remember no matter how good or bad you think life is,wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.

New Year,New Beginning


A new journey for my eldest, Mia Aisha – off to Primary school in year one and my three year old-ish Mike to kindergarten. We have no problem sending Mike on his first day. He was practically teacher’s favourite since her sister’s days there. I was more anxious for Mia on her first day in school, it felt surreal just to see her in the dark blue pinafore with white shoes and tie (was told to be worn on first day of school). Hard to believe she’s all grown up for big school. Finally I myself has become a school-going mommy! Hah a new adventure for this mommy alright 🙂  There’s nothing more than a mother  wants the best for her children and I pray she’ll do well in school and make friends for life there.

We picked Mike up after his school and brought him to Kakak Mia’s school. He was thrill to see her sister! even willing to share his drinks…well, just for a minute! haha ..


Mia and Mike Birthday Party 2011

We decided to throw a combined birthday party for Mia and Mike over the weekends. We were occupied on their birth month (September) for few reason – celebrated our Aidilfitri and the following month,we went Australia for holiday. So we decided December it is!

Previous party I throw for them can be seen here and here.

I asked Mia what theme she likes and her answer was- ” a rapunzel party mommy!pleaseeee” . Mike is still very into his Buzz Lightyear , and so of course it has to be a Toys Story theme! Since it’s a combined theme ( a little crazy there i must say)  I was happy it somehow matches in terms of color – purple (rapunzel) and green (buzz lightyear) . It was easy once I get the color combo and quickly work on what needed to be done.

This time around I plan to have games for the kids. One of it was the pinata. I was inspired with Jordan Ferney’s DIY pinata [here] and  as a sucker for DIY I just gotta try. Number 5 for my girl . I knew it, my husband’s old album boxes will come in handy one day and so we used that! Reuse Recycle ;P .  Bought purple and green crepe paper to work on it one step at a time. Mia even help out at one point but gave up as she feels ‘tired’  and wanted to do more important things (like watching her rapunzel movie for the nth time!) .

As in previous parties, I love giving something memorable for kids. Mia’s 3rd birthday we gave  chalkmats as favors and in previous year was a small pocket  bag. For this party I decided its best to make drawstring bags. Since there’ll be a pinata filled up with sweets, the bag will do ’em good 🙂 .

The last thing I don’t like in a birthday party is wasteful on food and cake! This year, we didn’t order one, except the green and purple swirls cupcakes.  On the day itself I asked a friend a help me to buy wondermilk’s medium size cupcakes and treat it as the ‘birthday cake’. Almost all cupcakes gone by the end of the party. So yay! nothing was wasted. Success 🙂

One new things I splurge for the party would be the Ikea’s curtain I bought a week ago. I couldnt help it falling in love with the garland pattern on it so I must have that as the photobooth backdrop. We’re happy everyone was sucha sport taking pictures and using our silly props. Most things are recycled from our previous party.

Oh I must add, weather was great too! It was gloomy at first, but it just stop there, no rain. KL has been raining almost every afternoon til evening. Boy am I glad it didnt rain on the day 🙂 Alhamdulillah!

All in all, my kids had an awesome time with their friends and so do we. And THANK YOU my lovely friends who came and made a joyous day. Bless you!

Pictures time 😉

she even gave out a thank you speech to all guest 🙂

pin the tail on bullseyes

Our Space Ranger – Buzz Mike-year ;p

Our Rapunzel girl

The Party DIY

– rapunzel cupcake topper – print out from here
– coloring pages, sun bunting,  rapunzel and toys story coloring pages, magnets(in the pinata)
– printable chevron thank you tags from here
-DIY rapunzel box – bought here
– DIY toys story – husband’s design
– handmade polkadots puple and green drawstring bags
– Number 5 Pinata

And what’s in kid’s goodie bag

That’s a wrap!


Blog title inspired from Pugly Pixel

1.tshirt, water bottles and t-story -checked! uh huh still into buzz lightyear.
2.fabric sorting.someone asked me in instagram if i have an online shop . i dont blame her, looking at that stash, i should!
3.mother daughter in stripes and black shoes.
4.its a nice coffee table book.
5.getting much needed hair girl was a champ, unlike her brother who cried bloody murder in the hair salon.
6.pencil case for mia.
7.kimono top with matching pants, plush toys and baby shoes. all handmade with love xx