First Day Dress (pattern by Dana)

This would be my second time purchased Dana’s patterns. The first was Kid shorts. What I like most about Dana’s  pattern is her detail instructions with lots of clear how-to photos which makes it easy to understand & visualise too. The simplicity of the pattern which incorporated with variety of styles (both her shorts and dress/top) are a huge bonus! Totally a plus points for any sewist to buy her patterns!

Anyhow, here’s a two dress top I made for my eight years old daughter, Mia.


A simple dress top using plaid . Turns out quite well! Rockin’ her top at the new Spotlight store recently open in Malaysia.

IMG_0727 IMG_0728 IMG_0730 IMG_0729

Here’s another dress top with peplum style I make for her the following day. Yes, the pattern is so easy you can’t stop at making only one! 🙂

IMG_0797 IMG_0802 IMG_0806 IMG_0813

If only my hobby could turn into a full time job, I wanna sew this all day long. Someday perhaps uh? heh

Until then, bye peeps!

I Made: Fabric Basket

One of my favourite bag making patterns by Noodlehead (divided basket).

The first time I tried it I got it confused with the divider..then after reading the instruction over and over again , ahh I finally get it . This has been one of my go-to-handmade gifts for friends as well. Maybe someday I sew more and sell it..we’ll see 🙂
photo 2 photo 5 photoA

Of Stripes & Label


Sometime last year I have been dreaming of having my own label, not so much for sale purpose ( altho that is an awesome idea ) but for my own satisfaction. And so I asked a dear friend Mai, owner of okinokiyo sunhats & leelookids batik dresses & pants. She got her label done from insangpari.

Long story short in within two weeks or so I received my label. Satisfied and happy with the outcome.Ever since then after each handmade stuff I made and label it , I felt soooo good..heee.It truly gives your product a professional look. Look up insangpari in facebook if you’re interested to order.

On different note, here are some stripey tote bags I make for friends as gifts. Hope they love ’em. Oh except the colourful stripes that’s mine ..a birthday gift for me 🙂 Yerp turning a year older last 19th feb.


Wow! Its 1st of March today.That’s 1/4 of the year gone.Well good thing weekend comes the next day 🙂 Have a fabulous day ahead with your love ones.

My 2012 sewing projects

Gotta love the iphone and its wonderful apps and I for one is an instagram addict. It has make it easy for me to capture my sewing endeavour by creating my own hashtag (#idoublerasewing).

Anyhow,without further ado presenting by far my 2012 handmade collections 🙂 Some are made for gifts and some are for my kids and myself.





DIY seat belt neck support pillow


Finally I can tick this off from my 2012 sewing list. Inspired from mothercare product [here] , I figured hey I can make that. If I may say, its a better version than mothercare’s, since I make it longer and fluffier (stuffed it with our old pillow) , just how I want it for my kids. Interestingly, my friend Nadia happen to found a similar pillow over in pinterest [1][2]. This kind lady even share her tutorial [have a look here] .

In case you’re wondering, here’s the inside look

The pillow was made detachable for purpose easy to wash and change to a new cover :).

Inspired by Elsie Marley

fabric bought from our local store – Kamdar .

I can bravely say, this year has been my year of sewing the most pants for my kids! Bored? Hell no. I truly enjoyed making ’em. But you would think I would have gotten good at making them  – well yes and no. I still makes silly mistake, too tight, too short, too close. And those mistakes are often due to the impatient in me to finish off the project fast fast fast. Because I cant wait to put on my kids. Honest truth! And because of that too,my bunting tag was not a pointy triangle…sheesh!

And so, the above pants, its for my boy. He has grown taller each week , if i dare say so. As the blog title above, the tag bunting was inspired by elsie marley. Saw it and Love it! Get the tutes here.

If time permits at home, I shall post up an update from this post with my boy in this pants.

updated: i just added this photo in kcwc fall 2011 in the flickr pool. So much handmade! Im so inpired!

Another WIP is done. 🙂 A kimono top for a dear friend who will be expecting a baby girl anytime soon! Weee…

Until then, toddles. Have a great Monday .

Lovin my new case

Finally I found reason to cut this Echino fabric ( a gift from my friend, Mai) and turn into camera wristlet.

Our Nikon snug comfortably in it. Bliss.

I’ve sew before something similar like this for a friend’s birthday gift here.

And this was sew last night. A pouch for me to stuff in my phone and office tag or whatever that fits in it ;p

Happy Tuesday peeps !