New Year,New Beginning


A new journey for my eldest, Mia Aisha – off to Primary school in year one and my three year old-ish Mike to kindergarten. We have no problem sending Mike on his first day. He was practically teacher’s favourite since her sister’s days there. I was more anxious for Mia on her first day in school, it felt surreal just to see her in the dark blue pinafore with white shoes and tie (was told to be worn on first day of school). Hard to believe she’s all grown up for big school. Finally I myself has become a school-going mommy! Hah a new adventure for this mommy alright 🙂  There’s nothing more than a mother  wants the best for her children and I pray she’ll do well in school and make friends for life there.

We picked Mike up after his school and brought him to Kakak Mia’s school. He was thrill to see her sister! even willing to share his drinks…well, just for a minute! haha ..



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