Hello 2014


Inspired from Beci Orpin “Find & Keep” book ,I got myself busy making this “Hello” cross stitch at this Iphone5 casing.

Here is my version >>

<a href=”https://idoublera.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/20140123-152430.jpg”&gt;20140123-152430.jpg

I made a bag

One of my greatest purchase at Sham Shui Po, (HK largest fabric market) was leather. It has been in my shopping list for the longest time. Luckily I found shop selling tons of nice soft leather on my way back to MTR. There’s many types,sizes and colours to choose from, obviously that didn’t make it easier for me – as I need to decide & buy quickly ( catching up flight back that evening!) .

Leather as we know ain’t cheap. Furthermore I took the risk of just buy it and think later how to sew ’em (truth is most of the time that has always been the case..haha buy,think later LOL). And boy I’m glad I take the chance heh. So one fine evening, kids went to bed early (hurrah!) and I got myself busy – measure and cut , one of my favourite cotton and leather to turn it into a bag.

20130925-153433.jpgphoto 3

Good thing about being frugal and the love of upcycle stuff, I kept an old zipper I ripped it of from my worn-out handbag. To be honest, I actually forgot where I kept it, so that night when I went to bed I was doing a “mental search” where could I hide/stash the zipper. I loathe working on a project and half way thru having to go to store to get stuff – major turn off!

Yup found it and get my hands busy ripping those fugly faux leather.


To make it more in.ter.esting, I decided to made tassels. Easy and cute add-on if I may say so 🙂 (how to diy leather tassels go here)


Long story short, I made my very first cotton & leather fold over clutch. It was beyond my expectation and damn glad I didn’t screw it up too! This by far is my fave project for this year (and 2013 almost coming to an end!) , more reason I got it done by two days. For a busy wife & mommy this is a huge success for moi.

Fits all my on-the-go stuff.



Now, let’s see whatelse I can make with the rest of my leather hmmm..

M is for Make

“never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine” hehe a cute quote i found in pinterest.

Just sharing some stuff I made for friends 🙂







Of Stripes & Label


Sometime last year I have been dreaming of having my own label, not so much for sale purpose ( altho that is an awesome idea ) but for my own satisfaction. And so I asked a dear friend Mai, owner of okinokiyo sunhats & leelookids batik dresses & pants. She got her label done from insangpari.

Long story short in within two weeks or so I received my label. Satisfied and happy with the outcome.Ever since then after each handmade stuff I made and label it , I felt soooo good..heee.It truly gives your product a professional look. Look up insangpari in facebook if you’re interested to order.

On different note, here are some stripey tote bags I make for friends as gifts. Hope they love ’em. Oh except the colourful stripes that’s mine ..a birthday gift for me 🙂 Yerp turning a year older last 19th feb.


Wow! Its 1st of March today.That’s 1/4 of the year gone.Well good thing weekend comes the next day 🙂 Have a fabulous day ahead with your love ones.

“People who love to eat are Always the best people”


Weekends inspired me to try out new stuff – like baking! So couple weeks back I managed to bake shepherd pie. It turns out great & yummy if i may say so myself .And for that it was all finish within minutes.


On that day itself, I challenge myself to bake a cake ( too ambitious I say!). A Victoria Sponge cake. A recipe I have been admiring in my frame by frame – baking book. Furthermore the cake itself as the cover book. Of course  meant something – easy? delish? strawberries…yumms!


But luck was not my side. It did not turns out as good as my pie. And I know exactly WHY it went wrong. 1) I accidently over butter-ed it and (2) I was in a rush …we were actually heading out to attend a friend’s dinner, so initially I thought I could still ‘squeeze’ sometime to quickly do this, but in actual fact when u rush things, it will go wrong 😦

However, the taste of the cake was quite alright. Brought it to the office the next day, got a friend tasted it and her comment “pretty good!”. Hokay so I thought why not give it oneeeeee more time. And I did! The following weekend.

Ta-daaaa! Not only it looks inviting (hehe) but tasted heavenly too ( IMHO) 🙂 .

20130208-105147.jpgAnother long weekends is around the corner, lets see IF I’m up for another baking adventure. Until then, have a fabulous weekends, enjoy your precious time with your love ones (as I surely do) and Happy Chinese New Year.


The white box with dates

I dont’t know about you but I am someone who need to have a beautiful calendar (with white box in each dates) and a blank notepad to start off my new year.

Good thing I bought Mollie Makes magazine Dec 2012 issue and got myself not only a pretty wall calendar but also full of inspirational quotes for crafter like me. Win!

Here is another beautiful calendar bought at my favourite stationary store. The design & illustration is from our local talented artist Cheri Loh. I’m a big fan for our local talented designer/crafter/artist so of course I buy ’em (whenever I can afford it lah hee). I already knew where to hang it up …at my kitchen. The left photo is a free poster from Frankie magazine,drawing by Amy Blackwell.


Besides calendar, I love getting a new diary to begin my new year.For the past three years I have made three personalize diary for myself. It has to be small size notepad,easy for me to carry around in my handbag and most importantly a blank paper type.I l just fancy the possibilties to doodles and scribbles anything important to me in whichever way I desired not restricted with lines.

This year I wrap up my diary with my favourite fabric, which I bought it during my travel to Melbourne.

Yes as u can see I’m not quite over with the garland theme. What’s not to like the happy garland pattern..kinda cheer up my mood just looking at it.

What about you? Do you fancy good looking calendar & diary like myself? I’d love to hear them. Until then, have an enjoyable day with your love ones.