Someone turns the big 5!



My dear Mike(al) … my eldest boy! You’ve grown up so fast over the years and truly Mommy sometimes couldn’t catchup with your non-stop questions of this that. Look tough but all softy inside… hehe Well, please know I only want the very best for you my son in this dunia and Hereafter Amin.




Mike and Mia, love hate relationship but BFF at heart!



Boy, you’ve got a friend in me

Buzz, you’ve got wings! You glow in the dark! You talk! Your helmet does that, that…*whoosh* thing! You are a cool toy!  -Woody (+ Mike!)

Mike turns two recently on Sept.1st 2011. Toys Story clan is still his BFF.

> Jessie and me together .

> Jessie is always there for me when I’m throwing my tantrum.

> Mom got me this Woody shirt from pasar malam. But I want Woody (toys) too Mom!waaaaaa

> Don’t worry guys, I’m holding you two tight!

> This is more fun.

> Buzz and Jessie chillaxing with me.

> On a my mini sofa with my ‘mini friends’ 🙂

> Ah yes, my daily dose.

> My sister and I, sight seeing at Muzium Negara. Must bring Jessie to see the world.

> I need to fix u up buzz. Hang on!

> That’s my mommy! and yes, my Jessie too.

“And as the years go by, Boys, our friendship will never die, You’re gonna see, It’s our destiny
You’ve got a friend in me

Happy Birthday Mikail! Mommy loves you to infinity and beyoooood!

p/s: Jessie and Buzz would make a lovely couple doncha think?! ;p

The Boy

Yerp, that’s my boy  🙂 , all grown up dah. Quite handful most of the times, tiring! But sucha loveable baby and never fail to plant kisses (on lips no less heh) to all three of us before to bed, or whenever we ‘demand’ it. Zee best age to play with the kiddo.

Picture was taken couple days ago, on a river cruise in Melaka – a quick getaway over the weekends. As you can see, he has untamed curly hair, which we just LOVE it to bits. We’ve been contemplating in getting his hair cut. By far, he had once few moons ago, so we ‘thought’ it is high time to revisit the salon.Furthermore, weather was crazy hot , more reason the boy needed his hair chop off.

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Mike's babyhood pictures

This is quite an effort to for me to put this up! *wipe sweats*.Excuse the quality of the photos, as most of it was taken via my trusty e71 (you’ve serve me well dude!).

Ah yes my son! Look how much you’ve grown! Slow down will ya. As of now, he is officially a walker, active + adventurous (whats new w boys la kan?!), friendly, happy eater, very determine – in othr word can be stubborn at times and cheeky fella. Has a thing with Buzz Lightyear and would shriek at the sight of him, be it on tv,books or any other media. His favorite play mate is still his big sister – adore her but mostly love to annoyed her more (typical brotherly love). oh and his first body part he recognizes first is………ketiak!(armpits) Thanks to his Oma for teaching that!

The first thing people would comment about his feature is how alike he looks like his father and secondly his unruly curly hair! Never fail to impress people with that LOL.

You’re full of surprises and quite a handful to handle, but never had I imagine my life without you and your sister as that makes my life colorful.

Love you curly boy!