Happy birthday my little man!


I barely blog about my youngest son. And couple days ago he turn two years old!

Time sure flies super fast these days..specially when you have two elder kids to look after and being a working mom.

My wish for you my dear son – Mukhriz, to grow up to be a great muslim, respect your elder, always always be thankful, bless with good health and wealth that is good in this dunia and Hereafter.


Abang Mike and Kakak Mia also love you to the moon & back! Excuse your abang’s expression he just fell down couple minutes ago before mommy snap this photos LOL..



Boy, you’ve got a friend in me

Buzz, you’ve got wings! You glow in the dark! You talk! Your helmet does that, that…*whoosh* thing! You are a cool toy!  -Woody (+ Mike!)

Mike turns two recently on Sept.1st 2011. Toys Story clan is still his BFF.

> Jessie and me together .

> Jessie is always there for me when I’m throwing my tantrum.

> Mom got me this Woody shirt from pasar malam. But I want Woody (toys) too Mom!waaaaaa

> Don’t worry guys, I’m holding you two tight!

> This is more fun.

> Buzz and Jessie chillaxing with me.

> On a my mini sofa with my ‘mini friends’ 🙂

> Ah yes, my daily dose.

> My sister and I, sight seeing at Muzium Negara. Must bring Jessie to see the world.

> I need to fix u up buzz. Hang on!

> That’s my mommy! and yes, my Jessie too.

“And as the years go by, Boys, our friendship will never die, You’re gonna see, It’s our destiny
You’ve got a friend in me

Happy Birthday Mikail! Mommy loves you to infinity and beyoooood!

p/s: Jessie and Buzz would make a lovely couple doncha think?! ;p

Of her favourite things

1. Play w her dolls, baby Anna (who kicks her legs when being fed) and baby Annie (who just love to burp!).

2. Being mommy’s little ‘helper’ ( and v.nosy too i might add!)

3. Read her favorite bed time stories, and among ’em is”the Little Red Riding Hood” book. (good thing I found this tutorial & sew this plush toy for her)


4. Jumping, dancing and singing! especially to MJ’s songs! (yah, blame us parents who listen to it non stop  heh).

5. Jungle Book the book and the movie.

interesting facts to highlight here:

  • she never fails to cry cry cry, the scene where she thinks the wolfs gonna eat the baby (Mowgli)
  • will go on and on and on asking  “baby mana mummy? baby mana daddy?”
  • and nope,she doesn’t understand that baby do grown up, in this case Mowgli grown into a young boy
  • pointed out Sheer Khan the tiger ‘(j)a-hat’.
  • commented mommy’s tummy macam Baloo the bear. dang!!

6. Eats her Vitamins!

7. Wrestle w daddy before going off to bed. My feisty girl!

8. Crayon!

9. Loves ice creams and desserts, just like mommy 🙂

Now now, in less than a month, Mia will turn three years old! The fact that she now understands the idea of birthday celebration, we think she totally deserve to have one! But wait after mommy’s done w the confinement la hor ;P


p/s: in case you’re wondering, yes my blog went wonkers for a few days. but all is good now. happy am back? i sure am! ;P

Its Good to feel Good

It’s good to finally gain back my energy, but no doubt I still do get tired easily specially after doing some house work. However, good news for me is that my vomiting episodes have gotten lessen or if i dare say, almost to nil. But I shall not spoke too soon. After all, I still get irritated by certain smells, that can still trigger it.

Another good news to share, I’ve experience my baby first kick a week + ago. Pretty fast as compare my pregnancy with Mia. Well, as they say, second time round you’re much more aware. True enough. Currently I’m in my 16 weeks journey (another 4wks I am half way ‘there’!). Not to compare, but unlike during my first pregnancy, my bump seems rather noticeable! Then again, its because I still wear my old clothes. Perhaps I shall start wearing  my maternity tops already! I was afraid if I were to wear it much earlier, people will either perceive is she or is she not pregnant or shes getting fatter? hehe ok silly me! But, the pants has long gone to wearing stretchable ones. It feels so much comfortable! Previously, I wore my real maternity wear during my 6th month. But I really don’t mind showing off my bump  earlier this time round. Why hide it uh? while you can flaunt it. 🙂

As for my girl Mia, she loves when I brings her to the pool. Funny thing, before she went it, she will do this silly dance sambil sings her fav tune from Mamma Mia OST (Youuu can dance!You can jiveeeee!). Complete dgn gaya-gaya tu. Yupp, my daughter is still very much into Mamma Mia and without fail will request us to switch on MM cd in the car. We are *this* close to muntah listening to it hokay.

Just recently, we both found this really great song and dance from YouTube its called The Pinocchio (here). After watching it few times, both of us got up and started to dance to the tune, and of course with the gaya-gaya as well. You HAVE to watch it! V.Entertaining! Mia specially LOVE the part shouting (jump) HEY!

Good thing now, she notices mommys ever growing belly and could not stop pointing ‘Baby!Baby!’ there. Just went I thought aww she knows it, suddenly she lifts up her top and pointed her tummy going ‘Baby!Baby!’. Funny girl u! On another note, am thinking what are the best way to prepare her with the new baby.  So far, we tested her when I was holding baby Sarah, she seems ok, kissed the baby gently and all which is great. However, give extra more attention to the baby than her, she’ll begin to sulk. Any ideas from mommy of two? or more? It will be great to have a few suggestion how can I have at least a smooth transition both myself and my daughter. Much thanks!

Late update

some random pictures of Mia.taken late last year, during a new year eve party in bkk.

cute pink bike. so girlish girl

with her rockstar wannabe Paksu.

Yupp,Ive actually taken quite a while to upload the rest of my bkk trip. slowly but surely.

Is she ready?

As I always say, time flies so fast! and little did I realize, my Mia will turn exactly two and a half years old (that’s 30months old!) coming March 9th. Like any mothers, I am happy to see how beautifully my daughter has grown up, I wonder if she can be at this stage forever.heh

Of late, I’ve come to notice Mia has shown her readiness to be off the diaper. She’s been taking off her own diaper whenever she feels it’s full or  worst whenever she feels like it! much to my liking . My guess, she  started to feel uneasy kot after doing her wee-wee and ‘the no.2’. In fact, this has been going on for a couple of weeks back.

Now, something interesting happened yesterday.

Occasionally, after office, I will try to take a short nap for a quick rest. And while am at it, this young girl will normally keep herself entertain with her Barney show, or books, or play with her toys, or just mess up the house more. Suddenly I was woken up by her little fingers forcing my eyes to open. Half awake, I saw her without her pants on (grr) and was holding a diaper. She was asking me to put it on. I was thinking ‘did she just wet the floor again?’. Quickly I  brought her to the toilet to get her clean up, and there I saw our toilet hose half open, and her used diaper with her poo poo dropped there.

‘ok,did she actually clean herself up already?’ . true enough. I asked her and she nodded. I even asked her to demo back to me, and waddaya know! She actually DID wash her self right! I am so amaze! No we didn’t teach her religiously just yet, but I did recall a couple of times showing her how but not persistently la. Unbelievable she actually remembered it! Or was I getting so forgetful these days. Oh well. yay Mia!

But hor, mommy is not that ready to teach you yet dear, or  rather I am so lazy to bring her to the toilet every min/seconds. Shall we do it whenever I feel like it. How’s that dear?  Ok bad bad idea! I shall try my v.best to potty train her asap. Wish us luck!

And as the adik, well, I have nothing much to report for now except I STILL have my everday sickness. Every three hour or so, I get to visit the toilet bowl! So tiring I tell you. This is even worst than my first pregnancy. Can’t wait for it to be ALL over! Hurry up second tri.