pix credits to hafizismail

Mia holding her baby brother romper in a photoshoot we took, just before  her lil’ brother pop-out 😉 (precisely a day before!) . At first she was v. shy + reluctant to smile in front of Hafiz, who was busy snapping and tried his v. best to warm her up during the photo shoot. Good thing she finally did smile after a few shots, but ..still very shy.

shy mia

We’ve been waiting for the right time to get our family photo for quite awhile, until on Merdeka Day, hubby finally make an appointment w Hafiz. Hafiz is such a nice chap! Very friendly and accommodating, which I personally feels one of a must criteria for kids and us adult feel at ease to pose in front of the camera (and him).


Looking at all the pictures given, my eyes well up with tears, unbelievable my girl is growing up so fast! And in just couple of days, she’ll be turning three years old!!. And now, she’s the BIG SISTER to her baby brother Mikail. My dear Mia, Mommy loves you very very much! *emo cry sob sob(damn you hormon! hehe) 🙂


3 thoughts on “Snap!Snap!

  1. I think it was him who took my SILs grad pic also. He is a nice chap. We’re planning to have a photoshoot session for our small family with him too but ntah bila. Looking at ur photos I hope we’ll be able to do it soon. Very nice shots lah!

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