Its Good to feel Good

It’s good to finally gain back my energy, but no doubt I still do get tired easily specially after doing some house work. However, good news for me is that my vomiting episodes have gotten lessen or if i dare say, almost to nil. But I shall not spoke too soon. After all, I still get irritated by certain smells, that can still trigger it.

Another good news to share, I’ve experience my baby first kick a week + ago. Pretty fast as compare my pregnancy with Mia. Well, as they say, second time round you’re much more aware. True enough. Currently I’m in my 16 weeks journey (another 4wks I am half way ‘there’!). Not to compare, but unlike during my first pregnancy, my bump seems rather noticeable! Then again, its because I still wear my old clothes. Perhaps I shall start wearing  my maternity tops already! I was afraid if I were to wear it much earlier, people will either perceive is she or is she not pregnant or shes getting fatter? hehe ok silly me! But, the pants has long gone to wearing stretchable ones. It feels so much comfortable! Previously, I wore my real maternity wear during my 6th month. But I really don’t mind showing off my bump  earlier this time round. Why hide it uh? while you can flaunt it. 🙂

As for my girl Mia, she loves when I brings her to the pool. Funny thing, before she went it, she will do this silly dance sambil sings her fav tune from Mamma Mia OST (Youuu can dance!You can jiveeeee!). Complete dgn gaya-gaya tu. Yupp, my daughter is still very much into Mamma Mia and without fail will request us to switch on MM cd in the car. We are *this* close to muntah listening to it hokay.

Just recently, we both found this really great song and dance from YouTube its called The Pinocchio (here). After watching it few times, both of us got up and started to dance to the tune, and of course with the gaya-gaya as well. You HAVE to watch it! V.Entertaining! Mia specially LOVE the part shouting (jump) HEY!

Good thing now, she notices mommys ever growing belly and could not stop pointing ‘Baby!Baby!’ there. Just went I thought aww she knows it, suddenly she lifts up her top and pointed her tummy going ‘Baby!Baby!’. Funny girl u! On another note, am thinking what are the best way to prepare her with the new baby.  So far, we tested her when I was holding baby Sarah, she seems ok, kissed the baby gently and all which is great. However, give extra more attention to the baby than her, she’ll begin to sulk. Any ideas from mommy of two? or more? It will be great to have a few suggestion how can I have at least a smooth transition both myself and my daughter. Much thanks!


7 thoughts on “Its Good to feel Good

  1. kiddo’s mom:tu lah dia..:)

    lana:that was because i wore baggy clothes dear.heh, and yeah,Raju jom!

    aliaa: yes yaya,it’s been awhile since we last lepak together.if your home is ready,we want to self-invite to your house,cuma..where ah?hehe

  2. Great to hear that u’re moving swiftly into 2ndtri. Dont think can give advice on sibling prep/rivalry yet, afterall amir n mia is of slightly diff age. But one thing 4 sure, go shop 4 more maternity wear cos hv 2 start wearing em early so tak sempat rotate esp towards end.. Yes, advice is – shopping, go!

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