Of her favourite things

1. Play w her dolls, baby Anna (who kicks her legs when being fed) and baby Annie (who just love to burp!).

2. Being mommy’s little ‘helper’ ( and v.nosy too i might add!)

3. Read her favorite bed time stories, and among ’em is”the Little Red Riding Hood” book. (good thing I found this tutorial & sew this plush toy for her)


4. Jumping, dancing and singing! especially to MJ’s songs! (yah, blame us parents who listen to it non stop  heh).

5. Jungle Book the book and the movie.

interesting facts to highlight here:

  • she never fails to cry cry cry, the scene where she thinks the wolfs gonna eat the baby (Mowgli)
  • will go on and on and on asking  “baby mana mummy? baby mana daddy?”
  • and nope,she doesn’t understand that baby do grown up, in this case Mowgli grown into a young boy
  • pointed out Sheer Khan the tiger ‘(j)a-hat’.
  • commented mommy’s tummy macam Baloo the bear. dang!!

6. Eats her Vitamins!

7. Wrestle w daddy before going off to bed. My feisty girl!

8. Crayon!

9. Loves ice creams and desserts, just like mommy 🙂

Now now, in less than a month, Mia will turn three years old! The fact that she now understands the idea of birthday celebration, we think she totally deserve to have one! But wait after mommy’s done w the confinement la hor ;P


p/s: in case you’re wondering, yes my blog went wonkers for a few days. but all is good now. happy am back? i sure am! ;P


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