{This is it}

That was my status I put up in my FB on the day I gave birth my boy.

True to be told, I kinda know when exactly Mango would make his appearance. My past delivery w my girl Mia, I had to undergo a c-section. It was not in the plan. I had to endure pretty long labor w her and Mia ended up being distress in my tummy. Not wanting toΒ  take risk of her life’s, the doctor scheduled an emergency c-section for me. Of course I was v.upset, as earlier I actually thought I could do natural childbirth like other moms. As the nurses wheeled me into the OT, I pray hard the baby would be healthy and safe from the operation. And alhamdulillah, Mia was safely delivered by Dr.H w Hubby by my side busy snapping pictures!lol

Baby Mike was delivered via c-section too.

Now, this was a planned one BUT with reason. Couple of weeks before my EDD, we had an x-ray done. Turns out, I can’t do ‘vejayjay’ birth, due to my pelvic structure which does not allow adequate passage for birth. My guess, maybe that was why my previous childbirth went bad.Again, I was frustrated and unhappy w the news.Fortunately, the husband and good friends consoled me, w sensible and positives inputs which comforted me so much.

As the day drew nearer, I was nervous, excited and scaredΒ  as hell. Got myself admitted on Merdeka day (Aug 31st), stayed alone, leaving the husband and Mia at home w my Ma. Early morning(7 am), Ted came and accompany me the whole time during the operation. Good thing this time around, we’re both much prepared and Ted managed to record the whole thang on vid! πŸ™‚ So Mia and Mike, get ready to watch ’em! See what mommy had to go thru!.Oh just like my previous c-sect, I took the happidural, so yah I was awake the whole time they ‘open me up’. The moment I heard a loud cry from my baby boy, I was relived and overwhelmed. He is finally HERE! And the rest, is history.

Now now why wasn’t it on 9 Sept? Well, it seems that it is preferable to do it before my 40 weeks pregnancy, less complications hence the date 1st September was picked as Mike’s birth date. Come to think about it, 1.09.09 is pretty cool number combination simply because Ted’s birth date is 9th Jan (09.01). Ah the no 9 clan family hehe.



baby mike

my lil’owl fella πŸ˜‰ (onesie gift frm nadia.love it babe!)

mia and mike 2

i love you bro!

mia and mike

i love you too sis!


10 thoughts on “{This is it}

  1. lovely post..its allright darl, the fact that the babies and mumy are healthy is what counts the most..alhamdullillah..so happy for your extended family and that you have a pair!!!

    i hope i could get a pair but two girls would be lovely…can start training for kitchen duties..hahaha

    kak su

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