My Memorable March the 13th

My Friday the 13th was really something. I got to be my SIL unqualified midwives on that day. My SIL, myself together we were in the labor room, with her obgyn and two nurses. Now, where was my brother? Away for his business trip in the UK. What a timing uh? Poor him.

SIL was supposed to be due sometime in two weeks, which if luck was on my brothers side, hell be back on time. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), her waterbag broke at 37weeks on late thursday night. Luckily she was staying at her mom’s place. Of all the nights, that night I happened to sleep late, v. late indeed. Brother was online, and we chatted abit. Then few minutes later, I was told(by my brother) to call up my SIL as she feels a little leaking going on. And few minutes later, she rang me back informing theres blood stain showing. Asked if she felt any contractions, which she didnt.Told her not to worry much, take a good night rest,and should she feels uneasy, wake her mom up.

Then I soon when off to bed hoping really hard it was just a false alarm. But I was definately indenial, I know THIS IS IT. She is SO gonna deliver the baby real soon! All I could think was, kecian my brother (and my SIL), it would be impossible for him to be there for his first born child.

Next morning, I text her asking hows everything. And waddaya know, rupanya at 3am that night, the contraction come and go,and she had a sleepless night. She was getting ready to the hospital w the parents, and coincidenctly my parents was around in KL too, so both parents went off to the hospital.

While at work, I could not take off my mind wandering about my SIL wellbeing, praying hard shell be alright. By lunch time, brother called me, pleaded me to be by my SIL”s side in the labour room. She was 4cm dilated and in pain. Little did I know, both mothers( my mom and her mom) was the lemah-semangat type,and could not bare to be in there during the labour.

And so, I have to be the “brave one”.

Long story short, SIL delivered her beauuuuuutiful baby girl at 4.15pm on Friday the 13th (no less hehe). Let”s just say, the experienced was really something. Cheering and supporting my SIL throughout her battle was something I will never forget in my whole life. Shes one Very Very strong lady, just by the third push the baby was out. And nope, nothing like in the movie (screaming and kicking) going on. I must say, Allah indeed telah mempermudahkan her delivery. Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

When my time comes, I pray to have a smooth delivery like hers as well. Ameen.

And now,Presenting  Sarah Alyssa, a 2.76kg baby.

Oh Yes! Check out her hair! macam highlights you! Very fair skin and has a v.lebat light brown(blond!) hair all over.

Ok la,heres a better picture not-crying.

And here’s her first cousin making faces!

p/s I get to take Sarah’s fresh from the oven picture via my new gadget heh. will blog about that later lah.

p/p/s: and bro, dun be sad about missing the whole thing,what’s important now is YOU’re HERE and always be for your wife and adorable sarah. xx


14 thoughts on “My Memorable March the 13th

  1. aeyya: hish,tade bro manader karat2 dah hehe.sarah’s followed my SIL’s mother’s side of the family,the light perang hair and fair skin 🙂

    nadia: itu la.sure a heartbreaker!

    hetz:thank you!

  2. congrats to the new aunt, and of coz new mother (it’s her 1st born kan?)

    ni besar nanti ni mesti rupa mcm anak bosnia ni… ehhe, that’s what we used to call one of nunu’s cousin who has blondish hair and very fair skin 🙂

  3. how timely bb!i just went to see baby Sarah yesterday, no blue eyes BUT greenish-hazel color morelike unique! before this,havent got the chance to look properly the eyes, hope the eye-colors stays!heh


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