Fabric Market : Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong


Four days ago I was in Hong Kong for a family holiday. The highlight of the trip for me has got to be my shopping trip to Sham Shui Po (SSP), Hong Kong largest fabrics & DIY supplies. If I may quote from Hey Kumo blog Indeed, the Fabric Street in Hong Kong is something to behold. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of textile shops in the area, with their samples hung out for your picking.”  Every crafter dream to be to in this side of  ‘paradise‘.

I went to SSP with a dear friend sans our husbands, just us with our babies  in our boba babycarrier – (I swear this carrier is very comfortable for a long walkabout!)  Since it was our last day in HK and we had to check-out by 12pm, so husbands stayed back to do some packing while us ladies head to fabric shopping. No way I’m gonna miss going to this much talk about fabric market while I’m in Hong Kong.


I am so blessed Mukhriz is an easy baby. He slept the moment I step into MTR and all the while during mommy-going-oooo-aaa-over-fabrics , he slept soundly. Alhamdulillah.

Alrighty – brace yourself diyer & fabrics lovers as I will present to you one of largest fabric town I have been to- Sham Shui Po.


Our Regal Kowloon Hotel (where we stayed for three nights) situated nearby Tsim Sha Shui MTR and it took us about 3 minutes walk. We took the Tsuen Wan Line and head to Sham Shui Po MTR ( very important to get to the right exit – take exit A2) .

By 9 am we arrived SSP. *A tip I read in blogsphere it is better to go on a weekday because on Saturday & Sunday most shops are closed. I’m glad we decided to go on a Monday morning. Traffic was good and weather was kind too 🙂 . Since we were early, we roamed around Yu Chaun Street where we saw ribbons, trims & beads shops. Choices choices choices!



Before we began to overspent on tons of beautiful ribbons & trims we quickly walk away (of course with our loots!)  from the shop (heavy heartily)  to locate Ki Lung Street and we found it! It was just a row behind the first lane from where we got off from the MTR exit.

Sellers are getting ready to take out their stacks of fabrics. It’s nice to be there early.


Weee…blardly excited ! Tee Hee


Words could not described how stoked I was to finally arrived and experienced the awesomeness of the SSP fabrics town. My hands kept touching every fabrics I saw to get the feel – there’s jersey knits, cottons, lace, polyester, silk every types of fabrics one could imagine.

Samples of fabrics are displayed for customers to choose. However, most of it are sold as wholesale. I took couple of samples, didn’t asked further as I know I will have to wait a day or two before getting them so I head to available ones on Ki Lung Street.

I have a thing with scissors. I love to collect them whenever I travel abroad. This uncle was seating in this cute corner shop selling nothing but scissors. He didn’t talk much but understood what I was looking for. I picked a size 10 scissors and he helped out to sharpen it and let me test to snip on scraps. He sure is an expert.

Three hours passed by very quickly when we’re having too much fun picking our materials to your heart contents. I did get discounts from this one auntie (didnt get to snap her photo) since we bought A LOT from her. She has the nicest collections too I must say. *All shops sells in yards , some put up a minimum of 5yards , some at 3 yards and certain doesn’t mind at all. Try to negotiate and ask nicely 🙂

I wish we brought our roller luggage but what to do, it was our last day in HK and hubster need to use it to pack our stuff. My shoulders were overload with yards & yards of fabby furthermore with a sleeping baby it was quite unbearable to be standing and walking . No doubt both of us were exhausted but we were happy with our purchases.


Price wise I would say very afforable even compared to Ringgits. Definitely a must go for every crafter & sewist …you won’t regret it.

Many thanks to HeyKumo blog, Katharine Yeung and TravellersYarn for their informative stories about sham shui po fabric market. Other related blogs you can read here, here , here, here and here.

And finally , here are stuff I bought – yards of cottons, oil cloth, knits, sequins, beads, ribbons and leather . Not in pictures are some ribbons, rick racks and lace. All worth the walk & sweat to SSP!



I have been to Chinatown Bangkok (blogged here) but nothing beats Sham Shui Po market. Definitely coming back for sure! Who’s with me? 😉

118 thoughts on “Fabric Market : Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

    • Hi Tammy,

      have you been able to. I am a fabric designer and i wish to got here too. Any other places you could guide me to? i am also going to Gujurat in India. Research showed they have amazing newnesses too.

      • Does anyone know where I can buy Rayon (Viscose) in solid colors? I have found rayon throughout SSP but only in patterns. Pls call me 97001168.. I’m getting nothing with google searches and have spent days and days in SSP….

      • Came across your comments u sell silk polyester linen we’ll intrested to buy from you. Do export to uk at tall we are looking clearance fabrics od all sorts including denim also cut piese fabric remnants of any sorts if u think u can supply and price is right money ready in India bank contact me on +447710297116

  1. thank you for sharing this. ive been looking where to find satin cords beads for jewlery making. is this place i should go? for the materials of jewelry making. you just makes me soo excited. i will visit hongkong soon. i should make some notes of the adress.

  2. Great blog post! LOVING the pics and bby is cuteeeee!
    Glad to hear you got oilcloth – is it thick pvc stuff for tablecloths? Or will it be sew-able? I plan to buy some to make bags 😀 (That is the plan. Reality? Who knows…? 😉 )

      • Thankyou for reply!
        Is there a good choice of oilcloth? was it from a specialist store or from one of the stalls that have bolts upon bolts of fabrics?

      • Thank you! So helpful! It’s cheap as chips too right?
        Here in UK, laminated cotton is twice the price of regular fabric.
        Laminated cotton can be £20 (hkd $200) & usually the designer stuff by Amy Butler, Michael Miller… although these are online prices & sold by the metre.
        I’ve seen Amy Butler fabrics in shop for around £12-£15 (hkd $120-150).
        Not too sure of difference between oilcloth & laminated cotton – I’m a newbie to sewing. I think laminated cotton is softer, drapes well & it cotton treated with something on top to make it wipe-able. It can be used to make raincoats…

      • Yeah I once bought oilcloth from etsy, agreed its pricey..what more with the shipping- cost me an arm & a leg!
        If I recall correctly,the oilcloth is about HK30 permeter and minimum was 4mtr.

        yupp, you’re about right abt the differences.

        nice chatting up 😉

      • Hello I’m a fashion designer in scad! At Hong Kong. I’m new to my major and don’t know the average prices of fabrics and if I’m being ripped off or a good price as well as them selling me fake stuff. Do you have any tips for this?

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  5. Salam Alikom السلام عليكم
    Thank you sister for this info. My wife and I just had a great time in that area and found many good things.
    All the best.

    KHALI from Saudi Arabia

  6. Hi i was definitely inspired by your blog and i’m going to go to sham shui po in a couple of weeks for fabrics. Just wondering if on the sample headers they have the fibre content of each fabric ? Also did u have trouble getting the fabrics back home through customs because i want to buy a large quantity maybe 15 m of each fabric depending on how many I like . Please get back to me ASAP i would highly appreciate it !! once again thankyou for your blog SUCH a big help

    P.S do you recommend China or Hong Kong for good quality fabrics at an affordable price?

    • Hi Sophie, aww glad this inspired you 🙂
      the samples that i took doesn’t indicate any info content of the fabrics, only the company/shop name.
      i bought no more than 20meters a total of all…so i had no trouble at all as i fit in one luggage bag,all was ok as long it didn’t exceeded my baggage allowance heh

      there’s plan to go china in the very near future actually.
      will update on that 😉

  7. Thanks for the info. We will be in Hong Kong next March for a few days before we go on a cruise. I am definitely going and getting some fabric.

  8. Hi very informative blog. Can’t believe you did so much with a baby on tow. :)) May I ask if the prices for cotton fabric is much cheaper than you find in Singapore in places like People’s Park or textile centre? How much cheaper? If you include flight fare still cheaper? I plan to get around 60yards.

    • Hi Sue,
      the visit has been quite awhile now so i can’t recall well- if include the flight fare + shopping fabrics would make it any cheaper, but i may say..at SSP i manage to find rare fabrics that i can’t get it here in malaysia,so i thought that was worth it and reasonable price if you bargain too 🙂 hope this answers you.

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    • HI Delly,
      older chinese ladies there speaks very minimal english/ none some so mostly you communicate by using the ‘calculator’ to state how much you want to buy/pay. but for those in shops with younger generation, yes they can speak quite good english.

      price abt more less USD3 depending on the fabric types.

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  11. Hi there, thanks for this post with awesome pictures! Did you have to pay for the cloth samples or were they for free? Any idea on the minimum quantity? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Wen,

      If you mean cloth samples is the fabric swatches, yes it’s free.
      It depends, some shops takes minimum 1mtr ..but others are might say you need to take more,
      and some take as what they have pre cut like 5mtrs.

      Its ok to always ask them seller

  12. hello, so good information I just have a Couple of my own project and I need to make them alive, for that I need a sawing machine and material, do you think I can buy it’s the machine there too? thank you so much for your post and can I know what capture or program you use on your amazing pictures!

    • Hi Marina! sorry for the late reply.
      I don’t recall seeing sewing machine in any shops i went into.
      as for my pictures, I edit it using a beautiful mess mobile app.

      • There is a shop near scad. It’s kinda a Hk legend. He repairs and fixes sewing machine as well as buys and sells used ones. Don’t know the address but it’s on the same side as dragon center and just walk towards scad and you should run into it on the way but stay on the dragon center side

  13. Hi,
    I am a fashion designer and am going to China next month. It will be my first time and I am really excited. I am looking for Haute Couture fabrics. Could you advise me to go either in Shanghai or Hong Kong?

    • Hi there,

      I’ve yet to explore Shanghai..but maybe you could try go to Guangzhou instead of Hong Kong? As I believe that is where all the main source fabrics comes from.. look up under my guangzhou trip

      • Ok but i don’t want buy wholesale maybe 5 meters each… And I am looking for very high quality fabrics, embroidered tulle, finest lace… do you think guangzhou could be interesting for me?

    • Western market in Hong Kong has fabric imported from France and all over as well as fabric from haute couture for ex: Dior. This place is expensive though to the material is overwhelming with details and beauty

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  15. Hi there I know that this post is about fabric and I have a lot of interest in fabric especially fabric button but was wondering about jewellery making supplies/ beads for resell. Is it better to buy beads in Hongkong or in Guanghzou? Please help advise as I want to go to one place or the other and not both.

  16. Hello Ira,
    I am a women’s clothing manufacturer from Mumbai,India. I am the owner and operator for my brand ‘Mangosteen’
    I generally buy fabrics from zhaungda and i religiously believe that the prices there are the cheapest. But I am not able to find better prints from there any more. Last week I thought of visiting hongkong for a change. And today I came across your website while researching and it’s given me a clear view of where the market is and what to expect.
    What I wish to know from you is are the fabrics sold in hongkong, sourced from Guangzhou?

  17. hi is it advisable to go to this market to get just perhaps about 5-6 fabrics just for my own personal wardrobe, nothing big like for business purpose or what not. and price wise, is it like RM12-15 per meter? thanks so much!

  18. salam ira. nice information or should i say nice photos that certainly get me very excited to my upcoming HK trip. i swear a will be “meroyan” once i reach this fabric street!!

  19. Hi, thanks for the very informative blog. Did you ever happen to see a plain canvass tote bag in sham sui po? I have been looking for this as I am planning to buy 50 pcs.


      • Hey just wondering, do you know anyone who could create my fabrics
        -printed and non printed for example of non printed haute couture fabric creations and high quality printing places for a small one person order

    • Hayley you will struggle to communicate unless you speak Cantonese or possibly Mandarin. The store staff are helpful within normal local conventions. But the only other language may be limited English. A few exceptions but not many.

      The area abounds with small sewing shops and stands. But again you will need to be very clear of your specifications. Anything in volume or requiring difficult techniques will be sent to China. Expect it take a week and still not be available as promised.

      We are based in Macau, which before it became wealthy through gambling had a huge garment industry. We take customized commissions on small quantities using local skilled contractors. Pricing is very good compared to Western shop bought items. Expect to pay 50% shipped for equivalents of Marks & Spencer, Zara etc. And materials will be better and finishing superior. For quantities and pricing we have a company in The Philippines. Cheaper, better workmanship and easier communication than China. But availability of premium fabrics is an issue and may even require hand carrying from HK, Thailand, Malaysia or China.

  20. Hi Ira
    Great blog post!! I want to manufacture some activewear in China but struggling to find a manufacturer. Is it possible to find contacts for factories at this market? Or to find any sourcing agents for factories? no luck online searching but will be in HK in a month and can’t wait to explore all the fabrics. Thanks so much.

  21. Hello, thank you so much fot this post, i sell fabrics in nigeria and i am tired of selling the common design laces, will this market be suitable for african type laces and also can you kindly suggest other countries and places to buy unique laces and fabrics and yet affordable. Thank you

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  28. Hi,

    Thanks for your very helpful post.
    I would like to ask if you saw many partywear fabrics such as sequins, velour, glitter fabrics in this market?

    I just don’t want to go all the way there is there is not much of this kind of fabric as this is all I want.

    Thanks in advance

  29. The general purpose of wearing an easygoing shirt is remaining agreeable. Thus, the texture of your shirt is similarly as imperative as the fit. You ought to go for a fabric that is light and breathable. And in China market provide the cheap fabric.

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