Sampeng Lane, Bangkok

On our 3rd day stay, I went to Sampeng Rd as I was told, crafty sewing stuff and fabrics  shops are  abundance along the area. It was definitely one of the busies road. As I was browsing and hopping from one shop to another, I was stopped by this particular shop. An elder man who was running the shop can communicate good english ( that is really important in a non-english speaking country) and gladly helped me out.

From all kinds of zippers, all kinds of colors, threads,beads,buttons, oh! too many for me to list down. All in an unbelievable prices. Lets just say, I was in my own kinda heaven. 🙂 The man was v.impress with my purchase ( coz it didn’t take me long to decide what to get! “tak beli nanti menyesal!”) . He couldn’t resist asking me where I came from and what was it for. I even dared to ask him for a discount, and surely he gave in. Well he better be, since i bought a whole lot!

There’s so much MORE to explore the place, but since we have other plans to do and see, we have to rush off to another place. Jadi la singgah sekejap. Will definitely come back to this place!definitely!

“mommy looks like as if she’s in a candy store.even I dont get OVER excited like this.geez!”


More pictures and stories over at ted’s blog :

Addition: Last night, after updating this entry, I was..once again, shocked over another fire tragedy happend at Bangkok’s Chinatown.Sigh. Poor Thai ppl!


13 thoughts on “Sampeng Lane, Bangkok

  1. mama shmontel: mia pulak went crazy w zippers! then again,thats the closes things she gets to hold.haha

    aeyya: aiyaaa..u have MORE fun in SG pun kan.

    anne: me? or mia? or ’em buttons?? LOL

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