I'm the big sister!

DSC_0192Yerp! And pretty soon too I’ll be the mother of two. Unbelievable!  But I’m excited to meet my lil’ one. Mia is getting cheekier lah these days, talkative, extra manja, but that’s ok, I do want her to feel manja and pampered her as much as I could. She can be such a sport when we went shopping for Mango’s stuff. “Beli barang adik!”, she would say it out loud! But on the other hand, when we’re back from shopping trip, she would asked (not once, but few times!), “Ni saper punya ni?”, of course whenever I say “This one is for adik”. She would sulk and firmly claimed that its hers! and no barang for adik at-all.  Not trying to get into silly argument with a 2y/o toddler, I just agreed with her. Other times, she loves talking to her adik (my belly), nothing new there. And knock few times too, hoping the adik is not asleep and actually responded to her. Too cute! As for myself, pregnant at thirty four weeks, am doing belly good :). Of course, occasionally I wish to speedup my labor day, but heck, who am I kidding, even the hospital and baby bag is nowhere near ready. I shall start  (bit by bit) packing and washing up those baby clothes, and get that nesting instinct kick-in. And when I do, I bet it that it would be hard for me to stop!


6 thoughts on “I'm the big sister!

  1. ooo, love the new layout! 😉 rajin main blog than getting ready. lol typical la…i oso liddat. but u should at the very least siapkan the bag first. i oso gedik2 edi! lol anak org lain, aku yg tergedik2! LOL 😛

  2. lol…a’ah samer lah when i deliver Ben, jenuh tunggu..always saying bila nak kuar ni..tengok2 he kuar 2 weeks early semua tak pack lagi.. cute lah si Mia tu, nanti2 she will get used to the adik. bagi you tip, once you deliver just ask her to sayang and kiss the baby EVERYDAY. serious ni cause that is what we did with Ava and it worked.

  3. aida,somehow i have a feelin she’ll kiss the baby everyday too.thanks for the tips!

    zaitul,yeah i remember u. thanks for dropping by!

    yvy,i pun excited masa dgr u deliver your baby KR (such a beauutiful name btw!). like the new layout? thanks. kinda bored w the old, some changes is good kan.

    nadia hadi,aww 🙂 , am praying the baby would be one healthy chubby baby.

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