Week 31


…wow where does the time go!!

Over the weekends, we finally went for baby shopping for the lil’ one. I forgot how much fun it was to have reason and excuses to get new stuff for the baby heh. Of course, we didn’t go overboard, thanks to the husband who kept me on toes to stick to our baby list.

On the other hand, my heartburn has tone down. Well, the secret was  no teh-ais (darn!), no nescafe, no chocolate, no spicy food, no late night snack before bed (guilty!guilty!) and most definately no gassy drinks lor. Not that I don’t know all of these, I was just being a wee bit in denial?, thinking alar eat+drink skit je wont hurt. Boy how wrong was I. My heartburn is one serious case lah, so  have to pantang from alllll that, till this pregnancy is over. Tapi nanti,pantang lagi!demn.

My last checkup with Dr.H went pretty well. Alhamdulillah mango is doing great too. As for the EDD, still within that same week as Mia birth date.Great!! *grin . The next 4 weeks, would be my last monthly checkup, and here comes the two weeks checkup, which am sure will pass by oh so quickly! Next thing I know, I’ll be in the labor room?!

Pray this 40wks journey goes smoothly for me ya! Thanks peeps!


4 thoughts on “Week 31

  1. wahlau…31wks already!!! i must have been MIA for too long. lol u know, i also kena heartburn teruk2….drink water oso kena heartburn so i gave up and didnt bother to pantang until i got this ‘talent’ to ignore my heartburn. lol it’s a wonderful thing if u can master it, really. seeing that i have not been keeping up todate, girl or boy?

  2. yvy, hahaha ur funny,got talent to ignore it eh.think i believe u, kena kaw-kaw try to make do-no about it hor, i try\ied but darm uncomfortable!

    nadia, yerp, just the other day makcik canteen asked me why drink plain water only (as am quite a regular to order teh tarik etc), she thought i got diabetics ke apa ..hahha

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