Almost ripe

Week 37

As this pregnancy approaches to its end..soon, I’m beginning to feel anxious, w abit of mix-feelings here+there, easily worn out  and most definitely getting heavier. The belly has grown tremendously! that sometimes got me freak out looking myself in the mirror. Side ways view are my least fav. However, thank goodness I can still see both feet, but dang! the last thing I would wanna do is picking up things on the floor. At home, Mia is my fav. person to call out for help, picking things up for me ..teehee. Most time, its her toys also lah yang bersepah tu.  Oh and also clipping my toe nails these days  is a pain in the arse ( mental note: must ‘make time’ to go do nice pedi before I pop then heh).

My heartburn is still there once in awhile, but not as bad as it used to. Since I’ve learn my lesson to tone down on those spicy food and other related food that could trigger it, it kinda helped alot. But, now am having problem in getting a good night sleep. You see, I would have to toss around few minutes  to get into my comfortable position and just as I doze off, Mango’s feet (yes without a doubt) pushing + kicking me so hard up to my rib that  got me back awake. Again, I would need to get up, massage my upper belly and  slowly  (try)get back to sleep.  Now, this would happen few times at night. O well, I just need to hang in there uh?!

Since early August (Sunday particularly), I would make time to clean up, clear up and declutter most stuffs in our house. Getting things neat and organized kinda cheer up my day really! (ah yes, I would like to believe its that  nesting instinct that play a part too!).  Sadly, minutes later, got myself a leg cramp. Gah!Serve me right also, bersungguh-sungguh sgt.

As for craving, I think I’m kinda done (but not over!hehe) w durian. Maybe one last thing I wanna eat to my heart’s content before delivery/confinement are seafood. Ah, puasa month is also just around the corner. I love love the month of Ramadhan. Now, lets see if this pregnant woman can fast for the v. first time in her life at this rate. Luck to me! And happy fasting peeps! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Almost ripe

  1. I am now at 1st tri… durian??? bau pun boleh loya….I only can eat certain thing once then… dah tak bleh makan…
    bilalah nak hilang all this sickness… the worse sickness i ever had….

    good luck to u for puasa…

  2. already 37 weeks?!!! wow time has flown. i havent been leaving a comment in a while coz streamyx i bonkers sikit..
    hehehe… i used to HATE durian and only grew to love it when i got pregnant with gibran. can? pregnancies can be strange!
    hope everything will go well, insyaallah! 🙂

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