Yay and Nay


of things i like+love these  30wks  journey
1.baby kicks 2.baby kicks 3.baby kicks (yes, lovin every min of it)
4.my monthly checkup w Dr.H
5.eat my hearts out! heh
6.shops for mango! (and even more for Mia!)
7.mia’s funny way of calling her adik‘s name

of few things i don’t quite enjoy
1.horrible Heartburn w a big H
2.popping those obimin vits  every freaking day
4.leg cramps!gah!
5.frequent trip to the loo
6.the fact every month there’ll be at least 1 top i could not fit into..grrr


On another note, I’m in search of a book for Mia, entitle “I’m the Big Sister”, or  “My new baby brother/sister”, or any kind of  sibling preparation books.  Masa tanak I could find suchs book, but now tak jumpa la pulak. Well, it’s just one of my steps into getting Mia ready for the new baby. So IF you guys happened to find any of those books, do inform me. Much thanks in advance peeps!!


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