Hello Week 26!

And move my Bump
My bump my bump my Bump
My l♥vely baby bump


And that’s me three weeks ago. Getting itchier day by day, I say my skins are doing some serious  stretching. On some days, to keep myself awake at work, I listen to songs ranging from Lady Gaga to doses of Green Day’s. And thanks to You mango, mommy won’t feel sleepy no more with your knocks and kicks!. Bravo! If I’m lucky,  I guess either your elbow, hands, legs or your head the ones making those kicks. Hope you’re comfortable in there, just don’t knock mommy too hard will ya.“Just dance. Gunna be okay.Da-doo-doo-doo”.

Your sister on the other hand, still sleeps with us. We are running out of ideas how to wean her from our bed. Maybe you’ll be the one end up sleeping the small bed next to us boleh? 🙂 I haven’t started buying any new baby stuff for you. No worries, I’ve make some mental list what to get this time round. One would think I would be busy sewing baby stuff, well truthfully I haven’t  started any of it. Busy adding baby favorite links, yes, but the sew-jo (how Yvy put it LOL) not there yet. Hope it won’t be too late when the mood finally kicks in. Although, the idea of lugging back my sewing machine to do some sewing during pantang does crosses my mind hehe.

Let’s not forget, you had your first flight in mommy’s tummy some weeks ago to Langkawi Island. Just what I needed, a relaxing family vacay by the beach before you pop-out. Your sister was being a little paranoid with the sand at first, not until we coax her few times only to agree to play with it half-heartily! O well,  good thing she loves the pool and the cable car ride! Poor daddy have to carry her to climb up the narrow stairs!Mommy on the other hand, had some passing remarks from passerby being ‘impress’ this preggie lady can walk up & down the stairs. Little did they know, I was exhausted like hell!and all the while this  madagascar song” I like to  move it move it” was playing at the back of my head!Don’t ask me why!Maybe you’re trying to psycho up your mother uh?

Been thinking about you mango, can’t wait to see you in couple of days for my next checkup!


5 thoughts on “Hello Week 26!

  1. friggin hot baby momma with her baby bump!

    alhamdulillah, it’s great to know that you’re all healthy while being with child. Ni mak nunu ni nak buat camner ni nak main bola ngan nunu pun x larat weih!

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