A little late start for 2015

Overall the year twenty fourteen has been a great year for me & my family. First of all, health wise – specially my three kids were in good health..alhamdulillah, im taking no admission to hospital is a good indication.

Secondly, in October we finally say goodbye to our former apartment and move to our new crib. Location wise it is still within city and amenities is easily accessible. One major thing we all agreed is we got a bigger space for five of us. I’ll say its never too late to move to a new place even when kids have grown up abit..in fact, it has made life somewhat easier as the process of cleaning up, packing and the moving day – we as family were very involved in every step of the way. Admitly, we all do miss our old house as it shared many memorable moments and more so it was our first family house. Kids misses the pool! That’s the only one bit the new place is lack. But we told kids, we can always come back and go for a dip in the pool.Currently, we are refurnish the old pad to make way for rental.

Finally, among the highlight I like to remember in 2015 – my husband & I travel trip to London & Paris (sans kids). It wasn’t in the plan, husband received on a short notice to go Londres for work and asked me to tag along. I was abit reluctant at first to leave the kids as we never be apart that long (2 weeks + trips) and at the furthest place. Anyhow, husband and my mom convinced me they’ll be alright under my parental supervision and long story short – we had our first couple holiday in after 8 years!! The trip reminded us again to be husband & wife , and I’m glad we did make the trip.

In this coming twenty fifteen, my only wish is to continue to become the best wife,mom, daughter and be bless from Allah swt. Ameen.

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