Pee in Peace

Yup!That’s right.At home,my me-time would normally be in the loo. But even said so, sometimes, when dedicool is not around, and i badly need to get my bath/pee, i’ll normally leave the door slightly ajar open,just so Mia could see her mommy is still around. Sometimes, we even play peekaboo while at it. 🙂

As she’s approaching to a year old, we notice she’s begining to show her personality.This young lady here has a temper, mind you.She’ll kick and cry real loud (most of the time w/o tears), sampai terbatuk-batuk kadang tu, until one of us picks her up. This temper of hers, only occur If :

1.she’s really Really really tired, and needed her sleep.
2.she needs her milk!pronto!
3.nobody is giving her the Attention she Wants (normally when im busy with the housechores & dedi with his freelance job)
4.upon taking away the things she’s holding (which obviously Not a toy)

Other than that, she’s a happy and bouncy baby, who Love to climb, and jump, make funny faces and snuggin’ her mommy’s boob.

The title above was inspired from a book entitle Peeing In Peace.


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