M for Momzillas

Beware of Momzillas!!

Terms & Abbreviations

Blue Ribbons Birther

Moms who brags about her natural birth


Epidural Basher

Ball on Sticks

Super Skinny pregnant woman who works out crazy and counts calories, resulting in bony body with uterus as only evidence of pregnancy

Labor Spiel

Endless minute-by-minute playback of mom’s labor,often peppered with unsolicited gory details. as if it is were first birth in history


Liar Moms; i.e Madison slept through the night starting at 2 weeks old.

Name Poacher

Thief of someone’s already chosen baby name, as in We’re naming the baby Mabel, but don’t tell anyone cause we don’t want some name poacher to steal it

Nursing Nazis

Brigade of vociferous moms who compete over who breast-feeds longer, often judge/bitch out bottle feeders.


Preggers and Proud; moms to be who bare belly in midriff-exposing shirts and/or often rub bump every 2 seconds. Often gush about how “alive” they feel


Mother who drops baby weight in 2 weeks or less

Push Present

Expensive gift frm Husband to Wife for pushing the baby out, usually in the form of jewellery.C-section deliveries rate even though they don’t technically involve pushing.


Preachy mom who thinks she knows what’s best for Not just her child but also everyone else’s as well

Sip ‘n See

A tea time party to welcome home new child from the hospital where guests sip tea and see the newborn. And bring gifts.

Suicide Hour

Generally from 5 PM until husband comes home.”Happy Hour” for the rest of the world.

Yummy Mummy

Sexy, attractive mothers;i.e MILF heh.

Too Posh To Push

Women who can’t deal with labor and/or the possibility of a stretched out vagina, who sign up for elective cesarean sections, often 10 days early so as to avoid an extra week of pesky weight gain


Malaise of which the extremely wealthy; symptoms include panic over which color Bugaboo to buy and night sweats about which $20,000 pre-preschool to apply to. Common occurrences of dissatisfactions despite comfort of riches.

That’s just a few abbreviation excerpts from the Momzillas book, written by Jill Kargman. Bought it over the weekend, while I was browsing new books for Mia and myself. Its so happen I read the reviews few days ago, and was quite interested to know whats the story all about.I’ve done few pages,pretty funny and crazy to know, how some NYorkers mommies are such a…Momzillas!hahaha.. too funny. I bet , we too sometimes encounter such Momzillas! i have!


5 thoughts on “M for Momzillas

  1. SanctiMommy = Preachy mom who thinks she knows what’s best for Not just her child but also everyone else’s as well <——– i have this person in mylife .. cuba teka dlm hati sapa dia??? *wink *wink

  2. todays parenting are so different as compare during our mothers times.most parents nowdays are very competitive!!does my child Reach at the right milestone??!gah!the pressuresss!

    mom2que:true..normally happens to firstime mothers!
    leen: ok dah jawab dlm hati..’dgr tak’??hahahah

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