The Non Baby Toys

Have you been in a situation where your kids get enjoyment out of the simplest “NON-toy” items around the house. Well, mine does! And most often than not,some everyday items in our house also can double as a toys for our adventurous little one. Sometimes, it seems silly to be buying so many toys for her when she’s perfectly happy with the remote control, the laundry basket, water bottles, or even spoons.I guess,its true, kids just don’t need nearly as much to be happy as we imagine they do.


10 thoughts on “The Non Baby Toys

  1. hi there…got here thru Aida’s blog…what an adorable lil’ girl u’ve got! i can so relate to the babe playing with ‘non-toy items’..what is it with their fascination with anything BUT toys, when they reach that certain stage? all those items u mentioned are among some of my daughter’s faves too! 🙂

  2. hi there. was bloghopping and found yours. my seven month old loves the remote too. as well as his dad’s specs, the newspapers, our handphones among other things. but the worst part with mine is, he’s still at that stage where he’d shove everything into his mouth. sigh. when does the putting-everyting-inside-mouth thing end eh?

    btw i also love the header. reminds me of wallace and gromit type of animation thinggy 🙂

  3. hey hetz!thanks for droppin by..
    owh..i also face the same thing,”everything pick and put insd her mouth”.
    penat lah,screamin and gets freakout out of it!hehe..

    ya..ya dedicool..credits goes out to u 😛

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