i badly need a trim mom!dad! .(tapi, still sibuk nak brush up her teeth!while we’re at it.)

careful dad!my eyes!!

this is the way i brush my teeth..brush my teeth..brush my teeth.


7 thoughts on “snip..snip

  1. bila potong??!! was her cut already on saturday..?? tak perasan! i think she’s gorgeoussss. nasib baik muka tu cantik, rambut macamnaa pun gerenti still cantik! kan mia? heheheheeh

    p/s: i think u did a good job with the fringe coz nampak alright je, tak nampak macam ada senget or anything 😉

  2. bb: not last weekend,but the week before that 🙂 and it wasn’t me who cut it, ted did.npk mcm tangan pompuan ek?hehe

    yatie: ho yeah!more like gigit definately..

    leen: well,thats coz she got her brush..something to distract 😉

  3. i’m too chicken to attempt giving my kid a haircut, so kena bawak pegi salon jugak..prob is, takkan nak bayar mahal just for a tiny, lil, snip? Especially the any tips on how to do a DIY haircut for a hyperactive 19month old girl?

  4. tips?ehmm.. well, as u can see,we distract her w/ the toothbrush!something for her to play with,tho’ not intentionally at first heh. try to get someone or sumthing to distract her 🙂 hope that’ll help

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