l-r: Ayra(9mth), Yazid(12mth), Gibran(13mth) and Mia(the oldest,16mth)

Gets to met gibran’s mommy! together with hetz and kiddo’s mom. You are such a bubbly person, just as i imagine it to be. Thx for the great food and the akikah invitation. It was real pleasure of meeting you, and of course the cute Gibby.

7 thoughts on “kidsdorable

  1. i love the pic!!! bukannya senang to get kiddies to look at camera! yayyyyy iraaa! (i have to apologise for the unappealing background filled with boxes and the likes! sorry!)

    i am SO happy that i got to meet u guys šŸ˜€ my only regret is that we didnt get to talk as much as i wish we could. ramainya org..i pun terkejut. would u mind if i arrange a lunch meet-up for us sometime soon..? i really teringin to get to know u guys better šŸ™‚

    thanks so much for coming, i so appreciate it šŸ˜€

  2. they all looked at the camera! yay šŸ˜€
    it was a fun day kan? fun weekend in fact šŸ™‚
    yes i agree, babybooned you’re a very very nice n warm person :p
    hope to meet u again soon, insyaAllah

  3. bb:but my pic are not as nice as hetz,her’s are better. eh, totally understandable, bein a host..biasa la tu, more reason to meet up in the future maybe šŸ™‚

    hetz & kiddo’s mom: yes they did! tapi tu lah serious look sorang2 ..hahaha

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