Finally dear farah!

On the day Farah send out emails to myself and her other closes friend to be her bridesmaids, I was thrill. Thrilled because she’s finally getting married! Thrilled we get to be her bridesmaid! And thrilled I indirectly get her closes friends emails  to set a plan with them to throw a bridal shower for her, which got everyone excited as well.Happy!

We’ve been exchanging ideas and suggestions over emails couple months back, and then finally February came without any one of us realise it, soon our dear farah will be getting married!

We then decided 14th of February would be it! M booked a spa room at Andana Glemarie for us girls to spend the whole day full of pampering! Farah was trick into believing to picked up M for a lunch date but was ‘surprise’ receiving a helpless phone call from her to come over the room. We had help from aunty (frm the spa-great acting btw!) informing M had a bad leg cramp. Farah parked her car at the entrance and was quickly rush to the room, and was freaking cluess why we were there! LOL.  She just couldn’t grab the idea how S and M know each other, and suddenly I pop-ed my head with a ‘surpriseeeeeee’. That was hilarious!

We had  ‘serious’ conversation, sharing ‘tips’, lotsa laughter on top of pampering from those massages, jacuzzi + bonus,food was yummers (damn those delish yee mee!). Each of us had not one, but two scoop of HäagenDazs. That kept us pweety happy! We ordered two movies, but rather than watching it we chat!

And yes, being a party lover – I volunteer making goodies bag which I sew a simple (orange & pink) felt purse, filled with lipgloss, panty liners & a  ‘smacking lips’ lollypop (idea taken here.TQ!). I add a tag I found in Eat Drink Chic to make it more personalize. Double awesome! As the theme was a Pink and Orange V-Day bridal shower. cliché i know. S helped out with her homemade mash potatoes p***s – looks damn real wei! LOL! (sorry wont publish the pic here)

Anyhoot, what matter most we make the bride-to-be the happiest girl alive! 🙂

those who don’t believe in magic will never find it – roald dahl” May u find the greatest magic in your marriage. Now Keep Calm and Marry On. ;p

I*heart* you babe!

p.s: am using clip art by pugly pixel. thank you Katrina!