Super 5!

My girl was super happy with her birthday celebration done in school. It was a fun affairs gathered among her friends and teachers. It brings me such joy to make my daughter happy. Mom, Ted, myself and even small brother Mikey make way to her sister’s birthday.

The super rainbow cake by That Last Slice. So yummy, couple kids asked for another slice! Yerp thattttt good!

Something to make the girls pretty. My handmade fabric flowers for each cutie pie.

Party favors for the girls – hairclip, jelly, cloud 9 chocolate, small notebook (buku555) and pencil.

Party favors for the boys – a felt mustache, small notebook (buku555), pencil,  jelly and a cloud 9 chocolate. One item missing from kids goodies is yogurt drink.

Mia wrote her friends name in each goody bags. Credits and many thanks to Kiki for the free printable awesome tags [boy][girl]. It totally brings out the simplicity of the goody bags and  love it! 🙂

I love you Mia .

Mia & Mike's Alphabet Birthday Party

I love my kids and I looove parties. On top of my office work and the house chores, yes I go commit myself with this ‘mini’ project some months ago. Yes, I prefer to plan ahead so not to get myself stress up the very last minute details ( but there still *was* when sumppljustdunudnerstdtorsvp ya know?!) Anyhow, organizing double M party was one hell of fun! The birthday girl was super happy the day finally came!

And since I love to make things I try to DIY as much as my mommy time permits.

Over couple of months, I’ve been exchanging ideas and party planning alot with Nadia. Good thing both of us share the same interest (+home decor + arts & crafts and the list goes onnnnn) and search whats best for our kids . She’s so resourceful. Thanks babe!

The alphabet theme came up because I feel since this year Mia started schooling, so obviously the first thing she learned in school is A B C 🙂 . Both my kids share the same birth month, again, it has to be a double celebration and alphabet theme fits best as its a neutral theme init?! Plus I need something as easy as abc to make and do too heh.

First and foremost, the birthday cake turns out just as I imagine it to be. Many thanks to Zurina’s cake. She’s genius! and easy to communicate with and prompt my emails and text messages fast. Totally recommendable.

I choose the colors pastel green,orange and pink as their party color theme. The color was based from the fabric that I sew for kid’s party favor bags. I was happy to get hold of the fabric when we were in Gold Coast.  Here’s a few things I make

-the scallop garland (yeah still a sucker!) and party garland ( get it here!)
-the pompoms (I’ve been meaning to find excuses to make this, what better way to use it during my kids party!) {tutorial here}
-the party favor bag ( brown for girls and blue for boys= filled with M&M’s chocolates, alpha crayon, pop up game, marshmallow; babies goody consists of coco crunch)
-the party hat {ideas here}
-the alphabet cups {thank you violet! – get it here }
-and  the alphabet crayons {tutorial ideas here and here}

Ted was awesome for helping out with the food labels, stickers and photo-booth. Most of our photo-booth prop’s are from Mia’s last year party.

This time around we have games. It was more for Mia’s friend rather than her baby brother, obviously. We had bowling, kids enjoyed that! and we have pin the pinwheels, where they are blind folded & had to walk up to pin at the right spot. Naturally all kids received a  gift token for each game. Every kids was such a sport!

And so, the must anticipated birthday party finally ended with on a happy note over the weekends. Above all, two major thing I must highlight here – I’m glad Mia and Mike was in their pink of health and secondly weather was sun shiny. Syukur! Because truthfully health and weather is beyond our control. So that is something to be grateful.

Dear friends and family who came, we couldn’t express how happy with your present on the day. Bless you soul! 🙂 Hope you had a great time at the party as much as I had fun planning it.

On another note, time flies super fast. Feels just like yesterday Mia w her baby talk and me heavily pregnant with Mike, and now my girl all grown up, being cheeky + silly is her best trait, sisterly love, independent and special with her own way. Mike on the other hand, is super active, adore his big sis and utterly cute little men whom I wanna snuggly & tickle every freaking seconds I get.

more party pictures in my flickr

Other ideas and great inspiration of alphabets party theme I found and very impress with their creation are :- {there’s more i missplace the link- will update tis!}

Dr Seuss Alphabet Party

pictures credits to husband

toodles. xx

Lego Fun

Couple months back, Nadia told me she has this idea of throwing a Lego theme party for her boy. I was ecstatic with her idea. Couldn’t agree more it is a great theme for boys! She requested a favor from me, to sew party bags for the kids, which I am more than happy to help. Since the theme was lego, I try my best to achieve the lego blocks to  look 3D-ishHere’s my first ‘prototype’.


But here’s the end results for the party. The bags was filled with Nadia’s creative handmade memory games (consists of cute pictures of trucks,bus, etc) {love it!}, pencils and chocolate.

Few days before Irfan’s party, I find myself  quite free and so I quickly cut + sew a party garland for him. Glad it turns out just as I imagine it to be and most importantly the host was happy to decor it too. Nothing beats a happy satisfied friend 🙂 .

Thanks again Nadia for having us! Mia + even lil Mike had tons of fun at the party.

More pics at Ted’s and party story at Nadia’s . I’ll upload mine in flickr soonish.

Party for her


So it was  last Saturday the party finally got materialize. Truth to be told,  we’ve been planning to throw her birthday party for quite  awhile, even before I was pregnant. Nevermind her actual birth date was some two months ago (Sept 9th), we feels she deserved to have at least one great party in her life heh! What more, at this age she begins to understand the whole blowing candles, singing birthday song, I couldn’t think of reason not to throw one for her.

Now being realistic, throwing a kid’s party these days ain’t cheap, so since we’re on a budget, we try to be creative and reasonable. We took months planning for it and did quite an extensive research on everything a three year old birthday party could ever have. This was one of the ‘project‘ I’ve been keeping myself occupied during my pregnancy months teehee.

Since it was an outdoor party, weather was our number one concern. Days leading up to her party, KL has been raining almost every evening! Everyday we prayed hard for the rain to stop but finally we decided it was better to move up the time (12pm!) in hope to avoid the heavy downpour in the evening.

That morning at around 10.30 am as we were busy assemble the tables, it  started to rain. I was this >close< to change the venue , but Ted was the +ve one who calm me down saying “look at the clouds,  lookin bright and insya Allah the sun will come up, let’s just wait for awhile ok“, and soon after, it finally did stop! I was thrill!We were happy, and quickly set up the decors, prep the food and what not. While we were away, Mom took care of the  kids (thanks Ma!). My aunt and Fara came earlier to help us out too, which was a great relief! (thanks girls!). By 12 we ‘re done with party set up and went back picking Mia and Mike up.

Even though the party started at noon time, I would say weather was pretty ok, not too hot,not too windy either. We had nasi goreng cina as the main dish and finger food was cocktail sosej, karipap, sandwiches and chicken drummet. For desserts we have yummy cupcakes (by fara) and cold nata de coco jelly. Thanks to Mia’s babysitter who was kind enough to prepare the food for us.

Initially we wanted to have a pinata for the kids, but we didn’t find anything nice and reasonable with our budget. So we opt for a (rm10) bowling set  for kids to entertain themselves, which was I think a great hit!;P  Next, since both Ted and I love photography, we feel it’ll be great to have a smile booth for the guests to snap pictures. It’ll be an awesome way to remember Mia’s party with her friends. A week before I sew the birthday garland to match w the whole party theme. As for the backdrop, well…that was a table cloth if you wanna know lol. Ted couldn’t help it to also design a signboard for it, and man I know he is proud of it!HAHA. As for the party favors, we gave each kid a roll up chalkmat and a party pack consist of healthy snack and stickers (hope your kids love it).

The party ended with lotsa smile, laughter and sweat! I could say I  was pretty satisfied w the outcome and enjoyed planning the party.So Mia, mommy hope you really did enjoy your party as much as mommy and daddy enjoyed planning one for you! Next year, am sorry you gotta share with your brother la hokay! Oh! Another funny thing I must mention, much “thanks “to my brother who accidentally ate the candle letter ‘Mia’ hence the no name on the cake! apa la bro!

Enjoy the pics! 😉







afyairfanmiagiving partypack


credits to fara (the baker) and nadia (for the venue+pictures).

*got my great party inspiration and ideas from  twig and thistle.

This party got feature in ohdeeedoh ”.*big smile*

p/s: love you husband.happy 4th aniversary! xoxo