Of Stripes & Label


Sometime last year I have been dreaming of having my own label, not so much for sale purpose ( altho that is an awesome idea ) but for my own satisfaction. And so I asked a dear friend Mai, owner of okinokiyo sunhats & leelookids batik dresses & pants. She got her label done from insangpari.

Long story short in within two weeks or so I received my label. Satisfied and happy with the outcome.Ever since then after each handmade stuff I made and label it , I felt soooo good..heee.It truly gives your product a professional look. Look up insangpari in facebook if you’re interested to order.

On different note, here are some stripey tote bags I make for friends as gifts. Hope they love ’em. Oh except the colourful stripes that’s mine ..a birthday gift for me 🙂 Yerp turning a year older last 19th feb.


Wow! Its 1st of March today.That’s 1/4 of the year gone.Well good thing weekend comes the next day 🙂 Have a fabulous day ahead with your love ones.


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