The white box with dates

I dont’t know about you but I am someone who need to have a beautiful calendar (with white box in each dates) and a blank notepad to start off my new year.

Good thing I bought Mollie Makes magazine Dec 2012 issue and got myself not only a pretty wall calendar but also full of inspirational quotes for crafter like me. Win!

Here is another beautiful calendar bought at my favourite stationary store. The design & illustration is from our local talented artist Cheri Loh. I’m a big fan for our local talented designer/crafter/artist so of course I buy ’em (whenever I can afford it lah hee). I already knew where to hang it up …at my kitchen. The left photo is a free poster from Frankie magazine,drawing by Amy Blackwell.


Besides calendar, I love getting a new diary to begin my new year.For the past three years I have made three personalize diary for myself. It has to be small size notepad,easy for me to carry around in my handbag and most importantly a blank paper type.I l just fancy the possibilties to doodles and scribbles anything important to me in whichever way I desired not restricted with lines.

This year I wrap up my diary with my favourite fabric, which I bought it during my travel to Melbourne.

Yes as u can see I’m not quite over with the garland theme. What’s not to like the happy garland pattern..kinda cheer up my mood just looking at it.

What about you? Do you fancy good looking calendar & diary like myself? I’d love to hear them. Until then, have an enjoyable day with your love ones.


4 thoughts on “The white box with dates

  1. Salam idoublera. Your name seems familiar, I think I see you around in IG 🙂 Those diaries are lovely, I loveeee fancy fabrics too but I am just not ready for sewing yet! I love starting off the year with a blank calendar and diary as well, totally get what you feel haha. Its like a fresh start, a blank slate for an optimistic new year kinda thing..hihi.

    Hari tu masa start new year, mabuk beli calendar and diary kat Typo. I wish I could make a sleeve like yours, so prettyy!

  2. Hello Ira,

    A friend tipped me off that my calendar has popped up on your blog. Thank you for buying my calendar! (: It’s so sweet of you to feature it on your blog as well. I really appreciate it. Us local artists have you to thank for support.

    Really pleased as seeing your post made my day. Thank you once again!

    Have a great weekend. (:

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