Running in Flats

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How does some mothers (especially with small kids ) walks in high heels? And by that I mean in a shopping mall, from one end to the other. Not sure to either salute you moms or cringe. I think its the latter.

On most days I’m with my flats. It’s comfy and easy on my feet. Very important when you need to handle kids on your own when out & about. As of now, I’m officially a stay at home mom. So thankful my boss approved my extended leave. Actually it has been almost a month+ and this extension leave is until this year end.Gotta make full use of it.

As much I’m loving this extra hour with my kids, its not all a bed of roses. Occasionally Mia and Mike does drives me up the wall, with their bickering with each other, mess up the house and being plain difficult. During those times, I just pray their father to come home quickly and hand them to him. Yes I do get “I don’t like when mommy is so moody and fierce , daddy … ”  So on some days, I tried to chillax and bring them outside for ice-creams, and mommy gets her fix of desserts heh.

Talking about taking them out, I’ve survived going out with my children. Yes, that includes  with my newborn baby. Thank goodness for the love of babywearing, Mukhriz can sleep soundly in the ringsling while I push Mike in the stroller. It helps that Kakak Mia is very understanding and independent too. On a good outing day I reward them with chocolates/ice-creams/toys/books. Once awhile, when we do go out together it keeps me sane rather than all of us being cooped up at home. Housework is a neverending work, sure it wont’ kill you.. but why take the chance? Step outside and take a breather. 🙂

Coming this December I have planned out some activities to keep them occupied – lotsa playground time, visit to the library, museum, arts & craft time and catch up some movies, be it at home or the cinema. I hope this is not too ambitious to materialize it. We shall see about it.

Have a great weekend peeps. And bring it on December 😉



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