Mia’s concert day

It was sometime in July she’s been telling us her concert is going to be awesome.”Mommy, I’m going to dance to this song…look mommy, this is how …”  Songs to practice, dance move  to memorize, I was pretty amaze alright. Not just one show, but quite a number of dance she’s in it.  She is aware this would be her last concert as a kindergarten kid. Uhuh, next year a brand new school to go – the big school as we both label it for her.

A week before the concert day, I found out she will be giving out her graduation speech  – in mandarin! In all honesty, I was thrill but also nervous for her  because 1) i do not know mandarin (eventho her teacher gave the script, but the intonation is very important and sorry mommy don’t know much)  2) it was such a short time for her to memorize + mia kept  mixed up few lines  and gets frustrated easily when we urge her to practice, practice, practice.

Anyhoo, the day finally came- it was on 21st October, on a Sunday morning. Like always, she’s pretty easy to be woken up in the morning.

All ready to perform!

Mia and friends performing their taekwondo skills.

Together with Nathania, singing their graduation song.

And here’s the BEST part, she nailed it with her mandarin speech.If I may say, she did it flawlessly and received thunderous applause 🙂 . If you look closely, behind is the screen of the translation. Ok I confess it really got me tear up! Happy was beyond what I felt that day. So proud of her, giving speech oh so bravely in front of the audience (unlike mommy). [had a tough time trying to upload her speech video, might need to resize it, will update this back soon]

Mia with her class teacher Tania & Principal Ms.Indra. Of course baby brother got to be in the picture as well.

with her Mandarin teacher, Ms.Vivian, loving and dedicated teacher. She’s a gem!

Love you to the moon and back!

More pictures in the flickr set here


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