New bag for my girl

Of late,my sewing mojo has kicked in and I’ve been on a roll attempting my sewing (very long) list. I hope it’ll stay before I pop ;P Tons of ideas to sew and make for my kids and baby no#3.

In all honesty, my first bought pattern online was from made by rae some two years back. Yerp, that is correct. Two freaking years I bought and never did once I tried to attempt it. Well, I have very good excuse for that. I do not have a nice looking fabric which I personally feel suitable to make the bag andddd I was scared I screw it up. There! Pretty lame right hah. Anyhow, couple days ago I finally attempt to look back at the pattern and give it a go! One of the push factor was Mia’s school bag was badly torn and sad looking. Of course I gotta do something about it ( yes, this is where I recall I have this pattern..sheesh ira!pfft)

I studied the pattern, read the tutorial on how to make your own piping (its required in the bag) and after much self comfort I decided its now or never. Good thing, I have fabric that will go well with my girl’s bag. Fabric which I bought during our trip to Melbourne late last year.

Thank you Rae. I’m totally loving the outcome and so does my girl 🙂

To buy the pattern, go here.


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