DIY seat belt neck support pillow


Finally I can tick this off from my 2012 sewing list. Inspired from mothercare product [here] , I figured hey I can make that. If I may say, its a better version than mothercare’s, since I make it longer and fluffier (stuffed it with our old pillow) , just how I want it for my kids. Interestingly, my friend Nadia happen to found a similar pillow over in pinterest [1][2]. This kind lady even share her tutorial [have a look here] .

In case you’re wondering, here’s the inside look

The pillow was made detachable for purpose easy to wash and change to a new cover :).


8 thoughts on “DIY seat belt neck support pillow

  1. I like yours better, it is thicker and fluffier. The others on pinterest will only allow the kids head not to hang down or sideways if they are hanging on to the pillow. Yours seems to be just the right size to keep them comfortable.

  2. I have a concern about this pillow. Not to sound critical, when there is some give in the restraints (seatbelt) the child’s neck could snap. The cushy-ness creates air space that allows more give then the seatbelt is designed to do. Children shouldn’t wear puffy coats either. The pillow, if to big, could also displace the shoulder positioning and cause injury as well. This is a creative idea and if the section that lies against the child’s chest is flush would be a safer design. Please research carseat and seatbelt safety if you are uncertain about my comment. I don’t mean to negative.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.You are right, I should have make further research about this.I am making this for my own personal use and no intention to produce this commercially.Again,thanks for your concern.

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