Mia’s Wardrobe Refashion

Received this halter neck dress from a dear friend. Her daughter hardly wears it – the girl hated it (lets just say she’s more of a tomboy hehe). But I don’t blame her, she does have her point . A big turnoff  with the strawberry flowers and honestly, a halter neck on a kid – not my kinda dress up for young girls.

Yes of course, a refashion was badly needed.

SO, Ta-Da!

So much nicer right? The black top was from my old Zara top, modified it to fit Mia’s body and attach the ruffles dress to it. Pretty simple process.

Weekends is finally here. This year I’m so inspired to create so many things for my kids and self. Until then, have a great weekends peeps.


2 thoughts on “Mia’s Wardrobe Refashion

  1. Hello Ira,
    You are right, the previous version of the dress is a no-no for a girl. too much pinks, too ruffle-ly, too much strawberry, and too old for a little girl
    My toddler girl will surely refuse to wear it 😀

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