On the first day of 2012

We had a low key new year eve celebration with our neighbor who came over to  watched movie ( Money Ball) , while Mia & Mike played to their heart content with D+M. We even let them sleep late that night. It was a chillaxing night for all of us.

On Sunday morning, we had a roadtrip to Kuala Gandah with friends. But before heading there, we stop by Hutan Lipur Lentang to have our morning breakfast and let ’em kids play, swim in the river. Mike didn’t like it, water was too for cold. We arrived early, so manage to find a nice spot to have our little picnic. By noon, we continue our main agenda, to see elephants at Kuala Gandah. Took us 45 minutes to get to our destination. Weather was scotching hot! My shirt also drench with sweat. But am glad Mia was sucha sport. She truly had the most fun giving peanuts and took pictures with elephants. Mike was a bit cranky  as he was lacking in his afternoon nap.

Too bad we missed out the free elephant ride. Only for the first 100 people were given the opportunity per-day. The journey continue to have durian fest by the road side. Now twas fun! Cheap and yummy delicious durian for RM5 per kg. Couldnt be happier 🙂 . The day ended with early dinner at our favorite restaurant in Kampung Baru where we had nasi bubur with lauk pauk.


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