Perth : The Last day

Last Day  25th Oct 2011
The night before, we packed our luggage, cleaned the kitchen, done with our laundry, so all was settled. The hotel’s check out time is 10 in the morning, so we have to wake up and get ready early. A  penalty of 16 AUD per hour will  be charged for every hour of late check outs. Our flight to Melbourne was at 11 pm, and so we decided to leave our luggages  at the hotel’s safe. On this day we planned to visit  Museum and the State Library. Just another relaxing outing.

On the way to catch our bus, we spot this children centre. Creative art work on the wall.

Somewhere near museum. Snap snap

Saw this Cootie Catcher! (obviously I google it!can’t remember this paper game)  Some call it  fortune teller?  But whatever it is, am sure everyone of us played this as a kid kan. Sure brings back childhood memories. Good times. By the way what do u call this in Bahasa?

L-R: Arrived at the Perth Cultural Centre, Museum Cafe (click to enlarge)


Upon entering the museum, we were greeted by a friendly lady to help us (specially kids!) on what to discover in the  museum. Neat idea!

Some historical artifacts we saw . (forgive me, i don’t go into details on each photos. I might revisit this back when I have more time and effort ;p )

Another section of the Museum, about animals, butterflies and birds.

Rest, eat our packed lunch. Our kids eat alot , sometimes our packed lunch are not enough. Light snacks always comes in handy in our outing. Also water bottle is a must must must. One can get dehydrate from a lot of walking here there. We do eat at restaurant whenever we get hungry, in case you’re wondering 😉

Just outside the museum, at the corner – a play area for kids to roam around and discover the interesting ‘invention’ . Even us adults are impress too.

The Library, situated just next to the museum. A 5 minute walk. 😉

Obvious reason, family with kids – we check out the children section.

Saw couple of cute costumes in a box near the play area, couldn’t help it to asked Mia to tried it on. She was sucha sport. Hahaha that was fun!

Mike doesn’t understand the concept of puppet show. Sticking out your head is not the way la dear.

About two hours or so we were here.

Late on we went to Hay Street again,  did some ‘damages’ here there. We are blessed with good weather that day as compared to our day 1, raining and chilling. Five o’clock we called it a day and get back to our hotel and pickup our luggages. Our very last “stop” was to have dinner with Intan & Sallehan.

Intan and baby Shakeel.

Sallehan & two years old Sofea.

Dinner at Mends Street.

After dinner, went back to I&S’s home to bath, changed and get kids clean, then off they sent us to domestic airport.

Thank you Perth. We had a pleasant and enjoyable trip here. Here’s an interesting insight read of Perth from Nuraina Samad’s blog. We were there just  a few days before Perth’s  CHOGM 2011.


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