Perth : Hop On Hop Off and Kings Park

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Day 3  24th Oct 2011

That morning, I prepared half boiled eggs for breakfast. Since we’re early (by 9 we’re ready) we decided to check out our hotel’s level 2 playground and BBQ place.

click to enlarge

Looks well maintained and clean too. It’ll be nice if we have friends/families tag along in this trip, we could have a bbq party here!

Kids and playground – inseparably.

MMM -Mommy Mia and Mike – waiting for the bus. I’m using Snuggbaby’s carrier on Mike here . Bought it since Mike was just a months old,  truly love it for the comfort and durable. Also, it’s handmade! Whats not to love about that  ;p Have a look see at Snuggbaby website to check out liza’s (the founder) pretty pretty carrier.

Ah yes, that’s our hotel, that’s the bus stop and that’s the incoming  Hop On Hop Off bus tour . So near right ? Toldja 😉

Great thing weather was clear, no rain so we’re good to seat at the bus’s rooftop.

Kids eating light snack on the bus. Mia munching away and non stop chatting. Super Mikey on the other hand, slept an hour and then happily woke up to eat his biscuits.

Some photos Ted shot during the bus tour.

1.Bell Tower


3. Gorgeous view! from a public golf course.

The bus tour showed us ->Kings Park and Botanic Gardens , Northbridge , Burswood Entertainment Complex – The WACA The Bell Tower,  The Perth Mint ,  The Swan River , Museum & Art Gallery of WA ,  Perth Town Hall and Harbour Town. Read more at their website to know the price tickets and timetable.

We then stopped at this jetty.

Bought this cute moo moo tea towel at a nearby souvenir shop.

Our next agenda is to Kings Park. We ‘hop of’ frm the bus and ‘hop on’ to this tram.

Kings Park

The park is truly AHmazing. You can see people jogging and cycling, having picnic  in this park. It was on a Monday, so to see few working attire men & ladies walking around park gives me idea we need place like this, to just walk and be easy with our life. How can one be stress if you’re surrounded with greens.Feels so serene. We NEED more parks here in the city! Enough with building shopping malls. It is high time our gov invest more in recreational parks and botanic garden. Time to give back to our wonderful planet by taking good care of her.

A MUST go when in Perth.Please!


We’re head to Lotterywest to have our packed lunch and like always, we let the kids play.



Mia made friend with this girl, little ballerina Rihanna.

After playing and tour-ing we finally decided to call it a day. It was close to 7 pm I think and we’re beyond tired and ready to put our feet up.


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