Perth : Fremantle

23th Oct 2011, Sunday

Woke up 730am, had cereal for breakfast then by 9 o’clock we head out to take Transperth  (train) from City West to Fremantle  (famously known as Freo by the locals). Just a 10 minute walk from our hotel to Transperth stop.

Waiting. Not that long really, train comes every 10minutes.

Hahaha.. So, be warn!

Easy to get seats when you’re with kids 🙂 I must say, public transport here is very efficient and reliable. No complains.

Oh yay we’re here!

Freo market here, selling fresh fruits, veges, spices and many more.

Saw playground yeah, what else .. let them play for abit.

One of our agenda to check out in Fremantle was – churros. My brother and SIL was in Perth earlier this year, so they have been telling us we MUST eat there.

We’re glad we found San Churro, and ate ’em happily.Oh boy, just the thought of it makes me drool!

Churros is somewhat like donuts and we get to choose what sauce to dipped in. I choosed churros for two with white and caramel chocolates dip. Yummers!

Uh huh Divine indeed.Can someone please bring this to Malaysia?

Would you look at those gorg clouds! lovely isnt it?

Ah, next – Off to eat Fish & Chips at Kailis, voted as one of the best in Freo.

As it was lunch hour and weekends, the place was packed!

But we manage to get a table for four of us. Well, a small table that is, but that’ll do.

Here it is –  Kailis.’s f&c. The portion is good enough to share.

Tummy has filled up, we then head to chillax at a nearby park. When we’re on holiday, we like to just take our own sweet time and enjoy the day. And we did just that.

Fremantle Esplanade park. It was a beautiful day to have picnic, read books under the big tree / sun and be merry with your love ones.

Kids play to their heart content at the esplanade playground. They trully enjoyed themselves. Keep ’em happy and we’re happy too.

One of the many cute shops.

B&M Store. Aiyah, thats the only nice shot of the shop name the husband shot.  Here is where I found the awesome Design Sponge book. Of course how could I resist not buying ’em. It’s one of my top list ;0) .

Yeah, that’s me prolly goin “oh that’s cuteee..ohmygod that’s super cute!!..ohhh noooo….ok,not good for my wallet..hurry up ira!get.out.of. here!” Tee hee

And before we end our day at Fremantle, we stop by at this groceries shop to buy our food ration.Garlands! LOVE! Ahhh.. we need more cute decors like this here. I’m such a sucker for nice things 🙂 Aren’t we all?!

By 4pm we’re pretty much done in Freo. We have make plans to meet up with my cousin whom have in staying in Perth for almost 10 years. It was great to meet up with her, and she just gave birth her second baby. We had a pleasant dinner with them families. Her house was TDF! Like seriously. So nice! Too bad didnt snap , I was busy catching up with her.

End of day two.


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