Perth , day one

Landed in Perth airport around 5-ish in the morning. Very sleepy, but excited we’re finally here!  Took ‘Connect’, thats perth airport shuttle, to send us to our hotel. By 7 am we arrived our City Stay Hotel Apartment. We booked a one bedroom apartment, but was surprise to be upgraded to a two bedroom, for no reason. Great! Spacious living room with a decent kitchen, a laundry corner with washing machine and dryer. That’s just fab!

Our room. (click to enlarge)


Since we will need energy to walk later on, we took this time to sleep. We slept until 11am, then got ourself ready and head out to Harbour Town(direct brand outlet shopping centre) which was just a 5 minute walk, located just opposite of our hotel.

Halal food was easy to find here in Harbour Town. Lunch was served hot! Looks like murtabak right?

This is how we roll ;p

No way am paying for this!” Mike with his new Buzz’s lightyear PJs

Walk around, then we decided to do some groceries at Woolworth at Hay Street.

It was drizzling, so we decided to end our day early (then again all shops close at 5pm) and head back to our apartment.


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