Inspired by Elsie Marley

fabric bought from our local store – Kamdar .

I can bravely say, this year has been my year of sewing the most pants for my kids! Bored? Hell no. I truly enjoyed making ’em. But you would think I would have gotten good at making them  – well yes and no. I still makes silly mistake, too tight, too short, too close. And those mistakes are often due to the impatient in me to finish off the project fast fast fast. Because I cant wait to put on my kids. Honest truth! And because of that too,my bunting tag was not a pointy triangle…sheesh!

And so, the above pants, its for my boy. He has grown taller each week , if i dare say so. As the blog title above, the tag bunting was inspired by elsie marley. Saw it and Love it! Get the tutes here.

If time permits at home, I shall post up an update from this post with my boy in this pants.

updated: i just added this photo in kcwc fall 2011 in the flickr pool. So much handmade! Im so inpired!

Another WIP is done. 🙂 A kimono top for a dear friend who will be expecting a baby girl anytime soon! Weee…

Until then, toddles. Have a great Monday .


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