Super 5!

My girl was super happy with her birthday celebration done in school. It was a fun affairs gathered among her friends and teachers. It brings me such joy to make my daughter happy. Mom, Ted, myself and even small brother Mikey make way to her sister’s birthday.

The super rainbow cake by That Last Slice. So yummy, couple kids asked for another slice! Yerp thattttt good!

Something to make the girls pretty. My handmade fabric flowers for each cutie pie.

Party favors for the girls – hairclip, jelly, cloud 9 chocolate, small notebook (buku555) and pencil.

Party favors for the boys – a felt mustache, small notebook (buku555), pencil,  jelly and a cloud 9 chocolate. One item missing from kids goodies is yogurt drink.

Mia wrote her friends name in each goody bags. Credits and many thanks to Kiki for the free printable awesome tags [boy][girl]. It totally brings out the simplicity of the goody bags and  love it! 🙂

I love you Mia .

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