Designer Fabrics and Fabric remnants For SALE

> Pictures was taken using my iPhone (so not doing justice to these lovely fabrics here). Our slr camera is currently getting fix and therefore left me no choice but to use camera phone.However, if you need a clearer picture or any further enquiries, feel free to email me at irashabriz gmail.

>This sale is strictly for local buyer only. Sorry no international shipping. Please add RM5 for postage.

Thanks for dropping by and happy browsing 🙂

Fabric Measurement (in inches)

Stripes = 21″ x 18″ (fabric from Singapore) RM8 | Airplane = 23.5″ x 19″ (fabric from Singapore) RM8

Small Hearts = 29″x30″ (fabric from Bangkok) RM8 [SOLD]| Motorbike = 23″x19.5″ (fabric from Australia) RM8

Baby blue Bear = 32″x24″ (fabric from Singapore) RM8 [SOLD]

Lady in Golf = 35″x19″ (fabric from Bangkok) RM8

Butterfly =23″x18.5″ (fabric from Bangkok) RM5 [SOLD]

Yoga Monkey = 24″ x 20″ (Michael Miller) RM8

Flower = 31″x25′” (fabric from Singapore) RM8

Amy Butler = 21″x45″ RM8

Pin and Needles = 22.5″ x 22.5″ RM5

Poppin  = 43.5″ x 43″ RM8 [RESERVED]

Polka dots = 1.5++meter RM10 [RESERVED]

Happy Friday peeps!


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